Thursday, 6 October 2011

the finnished piece

  So here we have it.... The costume.... and a photographer in his beginnings... I've tweaked his pictures a little to show him what to look for in the future (photography was part of my art course at college) and to show him how to tweak a little himself. I'm hoping my new job (pub wise) will give me a little free time to go out and about with him and take some pictures of my own again.

  Would be fun and will be a fantastic way to spend time with J out and about and not have to worry too much about split shift or my only day off being on a Sunday.

  Here you will see how he has directed me a little as well as let me be me. Though he forgot to get the whole costume (back of the bustle) or full body portraits to show the whole composition), But I'll work on that with him another time....
, a closeup of my face, J was instructing me what he wanted me to do. Originally all the pictures were in landscape and so I tweaked it to turn it into portrait. He loves the final outcome and has decided it is his best piece to date (that includes trips to the beach and the Promenade gardens in Douglas). That and it's natural and I was not expecting a click to be heard.

Here I'm starting to get upset because i had stood in that position for a little while and "my knees are hurting" could be heard , But it's the best view i could find of the bustle. "YEY"   not too bad for hand stitching. And the key J helped me make which slots out for work so if needs be i might attach it by string so it can be picked up so Customers and staff can "wind me up" without it being  attatched to my costume.

This one is my faveroite, I'm not looking at the camera and it is a natural pose apart from being instructed to"Lean" on the banaster of the stairs. I think next time I have him taking pictures of models, We night go out and about. We havn't a space for a studio just yet so would be intresting where we could find to take pictures.

He is going to take his camera with him to (my) work on halloween, that way weather I'm working or not he will be able to take some fantastic pictures of all sorts of strange and wonderful costumes of our friends in fancy dress.

Monday, 3 October 2011

costume finnished....

Ive finnished my costume... theres glow in the dark stars tooooooo   YEY   it all looks great...  im just waiting on an afternoon off and a a J to be in a photography mood.

 That and i start my new job tomorrow... Im very nervous.... and presently just watching the clock turn to midnight....  im not a very good sleeper at the best of times   and im a night owl. not used to being in bed before midnight...  im not a morning person either...  a full on Grouch and J finds this amusing.

Well time to attempt to sleep... so good night all....