Monday, 21 May 2012

alittle catch up and Peel

SO... Hunny Jessy asks me to make him a book mark, And here is the result... He liked a page in my mini scribble book, based on space adventures for boys birthday cards.
He loves it and it sits Proudly in his Fantasy book about Dwarves. As he puts it, "its an alian with three willies", and abruptly gets corrected with "like a true Manxman, it has three legs".

"Carter Will Never Walk Alone!" for all you Liverpool FC fans, Here is one of Hunny's friend's Birthday cards.
I'm still Warming to it, But I'm sure he will enjoy.
And Here's my arty Picture of the Church section of Peel Castle. Hunny and I went for a walk out on the west side of the island, He was determined to see a seal, and he did. There will be a picture put up at some point, as Hunny hasn't put his pictures onto the computer yet.


Hunny went to a Hospital appointment in Liverpool, So left me in bed with a cuddle and a kiss goodbye and instruction to spoil myself to sitting in a coffee house with my kindle.

I Soon got up and went out for a wonder along the prom northwards, soon to turn around and headed back towards town and into the street. Did a couple of jobs and headed out to COSTA at the sea terminal for a MOCHA COOLER...
and read my kindle for a little while.
I soon got home and pottered about in our room and tidied this and that... By the time i had finnished tidying and  finnished watching a show on TV Hunny was HOME.....  Tea time   yummy

Friday, 4 May 2012


It's my Boss's birthday this weekend. Pink, pink and more PINK are her colours of choice, but I'm not sure if I would stay sane with all the pink......  so I've settled for this........
My page of what I would use

 Scribbled out ideas
The final piece!  PINK pearlesant card.. with Pink Writing..... and PURPLE flowers  as not to make it too PINK!!! 

Next is a Regular customer at work's birthday, He is friends with DJ (jessy) and he is Liverpool FC fan....  got my work cut out now ...... I've got 3 weeks .

what has been happening with all that stuff!!!

well the card/paper and trimmings usualy end up in the book  or as gifttags at the moment... but here's whats been happening ....

I've got a little log/ doodle book just for the design ideas that gets scraps of paper with scribbles stuck into aswell as transfers that are finnished with.

On the left (yellow) Is my mother inlaw to be's Birthday card, she likes spring colours so yellows and pale greens... hints of colour, Ive not met her yet but I HOPE she likes it. and on the Right is Miki (my sister)'s birthday card.. just a year to go and she'll be aloud on the road, planning her prom and running riot... (she doesn't need any encouragment), she loves Purple, and i think green suits purple well ...  she loves her cardand wants to see what i get up to next.

sorry it's been so long.....

I've been working hard.....   Not been playing as much as I would have liked, but what I have managed,  there are pictures for show and tell.....  we'll start with ... what I have collected recently....
Ah.. A nice big pile of card and paper..... I enjoy my weekly trips into town  but only spoil myself once a month to collect bits and bobs at the "DEALZ" store.. also known as £1 land (a pack of offcuts, cutouts, beads and  roughly A4 sized card/paper.....  the above photo is only a small portion of what i did have... ive given1/2 of what i did have to friends who also craft or children that often raid my free for all collection i kept for such occasions (children visiting the household and I'm Home).
Off cuts!, Glittery... PINK... pretty... Patterned.... or just what has come off what I've used. Anything usable that has an image on it doesnt get binned 
Cards with envelopes....need thoughs....  you'll see why......
you've got here, mostly white or pastal coloured or handmade .....some have apetures, and i have some perlesant too..

save the best bit for last though I have a couple more spools to add to the collection at some point soon (black and white)

Next to show you what's been happening ......