Tuesday, 25 June 2013

there were many pictures taken of this weekend.....

.... But there's one that stands out for me.

Saturday, Faith met her Nanny Lou (my mum), Tolly (mum's hubby) and her Uncles Jonny and Joe.
They think she is GORGEOUS... commenting on colour of hair and mass of it, and how TINY she is.
There are many other pictures involving great aunties and second cousins as she was passed about the room people coming and going almost like a whirlwind, and a fair few showing how tired I was... less than 2 weeks after a major operation.
Faith gained lots of gifts though, from Grandnanna Margret's teddy to nanny Lou's famous blankets and a first braclet.
Sunday, we met Grandad Harry.. not as active. He held her for an Ultimate of 2 minutes and handed her back.
Aunty Miki had a good cuddle though.
Sunday evening we met up with a close friend of ours, who gave us a unique photo album and  first pots for hair and teeth. We enjoyed a good old chinwag and drink whilst little miss panned out in her daddy's arms.
Now, Back home in Brum (Birmingham).
The journey took us From Mann to Liverpool, Train from Liverpool to Birmingham and then a taxi from the city centre to Bournville (the village we live in). We were up by 4:30am  and got home around 3:00pm. We then went. "ZZzzZZzzZZzz".

Thursday, 20 June 2013

phone's internet on the plip...

my phone hates connecting to the internet to transfer photos to the computer.... so awaiting on a little camera that I can plug straight into computer...... so no little person or artsy crafty pictures.

other than that

Little miss is doing fantastic. Apart from still a little rocky with feeding and sleeping..... Poor mummy here is more or less awake most nights keeping close eye on her otherwise we have the WHOLE HOUSE awake...  the health visiter has given us a few ideas today to try over the next week... and only time will tell..

In a couple of weeks  We move into our own space.... We have a lovely 2 bedroom flat to move into.

tomorrow, we will be up by 5:30.. not that that is new recently... but tomorrow we are heading to the I. O. M. to show Little miss who her Nanny and Grandad are.... (my parents) and the rest of the extended family that we can manage to fit into 2 1/2 days (its a very big family).

Saturday, 15 June 2013

A New chapter is a chapter of its own...

On Wednesday the 5th was my last bump picture.... for on the Thursday I had an appointment to get induced due to baby having a rapid growth spurt and then suddenly stopping. it's hard to imagine how much baby can fit into a space like that.

 When the Induction kicked in, I ended up being in labour for 72 hours over all..  and the last 15 of them in the delivery suit... turned out I hadn't dialated enough for baby to arrive on her own..

In the end.. with difficulty of her head being stuck. At 5 pm June 9th, Little Faith Diane (dad's mum)Margret(mum's mum).... was born via C section. Handed straight to her Daddy at the weight of 8lb 15oz whilst mummy got stitched up... (here's the precious moment about a half hour later mummy had the chance to hold her).
Due to having a C section, I wasn't able to move for the first 20 hours due to the Anesthetic they had given me, and so It was hell knowing baby wanted you but you had to call a nurse for her to come to you.

 At a day old (Monday evening) and already our little champion.  panned out after a feed and scream whilst poor mummy changed her nappy for the first time. It took a while and a nurse to help due to the pain but we got through. It was amazing to see how the other girls coped with their C sections... One girl across the room from me, spent an extra 24 hours in bed than myself and even then rarely left the bed.

I got home on Tuesday... my bed..  and knew the first few nights were going to be a little mad. they will be until little miss gets out of the Nocturnal state of mind.

Faith is settling in well apart from the crazy sleepless nights...
And we are hoping to visit My side of the family very soon.
Amongst friends and other family, Nanny Lou  and Grandad Harry(manxgirl)

and here...  a Little lady ready to go out in the "chealsea tractor" of a pram....

 and holding mummy's finger...  she wouldn't let goooo!!!!
    I got my stitches out yesterday... so, by doctors orders  still off of pram pushing and heavy duty for another 5 weeks.... I find it difficult to get up and down, and have had moments my "underwear " catches on the scar... causing a doubled over affect... starting to feel baby blues because of this and lack of sleep... I hope she gets herself into the routine soon.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

baby to be here early..

So, orriginaly baby's due date was June 10th....

they've brought my dates forward. Yesterday I was "induced"... so now its a 48 hour waiting game, and if that doesn't set things off.... I go in tomorrow (Thursday)  for another form of Induction...

So  may not be about for a few days.....