Monday, 30 September 2013

Baking and Crocheting

During Young Pad'a'one's  time in her door bouncer jabbering away and telling mummy stories, I have been a busy bee crocheting. Of course I sit on the floor near by so she can see me as I crochet, she is happy as long as I play and make fuss every few stitches, then she carries on chuntering away in what I fully call "Ewock" from star wars. It is the only way to describe it.

cheeky little thing!!!
another thing that has been happening is Baking.... Molei friendly style...... this lonely cupcake is the last sugar infested cake left from the last batch of sugar infested goodies I make!.... it no longer exsists...(chocolate icing all over face as I type).

From now on, sugar substitute and natural goodess of cactus syrup only.

this little man, is a speckled wood butterfly. whilst I was burping Pad'a'one, he fluttered into view. I just had to take a picture.

And I have a bag made of scraps, just for my projects. I have 20 balls of wool on its way in the post.... Rainbow hats and more fun to make. that big pink and speckle ball in the bag is for a hat and scalf for Pad'a'one in winter, already 3/4 of the way through the hat... it will have tassels too!!!
Right, time to put bread in oven I think.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Molei hasn't been well

 For the Last week, Molei hasn't been very well. We didn't know what it was.
On Friday, We found out that Molei is Diabetes type 2, So you can imagine, he is down in the dumps.
 To make him feel better about things, We have come up with a plan. I will not buy any more Molei unfriendly Goodies and we will Buy Molei friendly recipe books and sweets from now on.
Gives me an excuse to find new goodie recipes...
I've been Crocheting....
It has grown since the picture... It is Vastly turning into my scraps bag... That ball's remains will be one of many  that will sit in this basket whilst I crochet away.
Other than that. here's a couple  of update pictures of Pad'a'one... 
"Don't want that one now" ... in her big girl chair.

"Princess in training my........!"  Ladies and Gentlemen.... My daughter!

Cheeky!!!!! smiles at praising her for reaching her toys and bringing them closer.

"Blehhhhh!!" something to chew on other than fabric.... Didn't work to her advantage.
There is one of her holding a single digit up, but I thought that might be a little rude.... It was rather amusing at the time though.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Pad'a'one will be 15 weeks old tomorrow....

.... and she is able to roll around on the floor.... just... (more like managing to spin around 360 degree turns and occasionally turn from her belly to her back   not the other way round).
 She still hasn't grasped the idea of pushing up with her arms yet. I'm sure she will get there soon.
There has been a little bit of a ruckus amongst the family.
I let them into some news a few days ago and a nice long list of comments were sent back... some nice, some not so nice.
Back in March, I got married, But bad news upon bad news and being pregnant made me not want to tell anyone at the time. I'm not one for parties, I wasn't drinking at the time(still rare to have even one) and I've always kept more or less to myself, so kept it  quiet and only the witnesses were there. Not even a party.
There were some lovely comments of congratulations and wishing to have known.
There were also comments of how Certain Family members thought I was selfish to keep quiet and other family members that are no longer with us were used against me saying they would be disappointed, which I know these family members knew I wouldn't have been up for any fuss.
All I can say is that it was MY CHOICE and that I was waiting until I was ready to tell anyone.
"Best we can do is hold our heads up high and carry on"

Friday, 6 September 2013

remember my tattoo???

Well as you may know, my Nana Margaret passed away from leukemia six months ago.
She and my other Nana (Diane) who passed when I was eleven, were my biggest idols in a lot of respect and for many reasons. I loved them both dearly and there isn't a day that I don't think about them.
Today was the day I added Faith's Guardians.
Faith(Pad'a'one) is the Humming bird.
Nana M is the green butterfly, her favorite colour! It was everywhere in her dining room and kitchen.
Nana D is the blue and orange butterfly, she loved bright colours and these were the colours that remind me of her most.
They will brighten up a little when they heal...

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

12 weeks old.... growing too fast

I've not been able to bake  or crochet much these last couple of weeks. I'm GUTTED! It's rare for me to have more than 10 minutes without Faith and that's Usually taken up by the shower.
I will try again some time soon, when I know she is going to be napping for long enough.
Pad'a'one has been trying her hardest to sit up. When sitting up or on my sholder she han hold her head up for a minute or two here and there, and she is so desperate to sit instead of lie down we thought it best to get her a big girl chair that could double up for tea time.
She loves it, though she can only sit in it for about 2 minutes so far with her head up. she is doing SOOO WELL!!!

Pad'a'one also loves Tummy Time! she wriggles around and manages to do a 180 degree turn on her tummy. one minute she will be facing her toys and books (to entice her to lift her head) to facing my feet (sitting on my sofa watching  if not on the floor with her).

YEY she did it!!!!  she can get up onto her knees too but not quite lifting off of her tummy yet.. still got some strength to gain.... so proud of my little girl.
How come she is sooooo Cute!?!?!?