Wednesday, 12 February 2014

tired and grumpy

Both  myself and Little Pad a one haven't been sleeping too well.
Her teeth are driving her mad  and me up the wall.
All I can do is Comfort her through it with calpol, teething powder and gel and Big Cuddles.
Both at night  and during the day her sleeps have been very little and not as often as I would like.
Her appetite is all over the place too, so trying to keep meal times as regular as normal .She is even falling asleep in her high chair whilst we try to feed her. Temper Tantrums beyond any reason and the mood to play is less and less...

For now she is having a rare snooze.

on another note. We've had snow. There will be pictures when I've pulled them off the camera. Right. off for a cuppa and sort my CV out....  thinking of going back to work part time.