Monday, 5 December 2011

A touchy subject (children avert eyes)

 Unfortunatly no longer with us...
This is Rachel one of 3 very close friends I had when I was younger.. All 3 gone, but only the evidence of the last one to go remains. She died aged 17.

The Pictures were drawn Whilst I studied at College. I enjoyed sketching the human body and never was any good at the male  body, but somehow managed to get something right on the female... Rachel was good practice, mostly because she could stay still.

All pieces were sketched with a 2B  without a my personal hate, so any mistakes are in sight and refuse to this day to alter them. even marks from being in the book, in storage, accidently stepped on and scrumpled up or paint marks are still on them. (adds to the effect).
 You could call these are treasured posessions, a reminder that this person will never be forgotten will be loved eternaly and celebrated always.


1 even if theres no physical photos there are mental ones.
2 being able to draw has its perks for documentation.
3 Great memories with best friends.

more from the book

    This is scraps of paper (and I mean scraps, in all shapes, sizes and colours) used for the cleaning of paint brushes, drips and colour tests (The collection of these scraps are always growing and added to). It was sort of porposly arranged and stitched into.... oh   and a button. Orriginaly, it was going to be added to, but got side tracked. When I came back to it, decided it was best not to go further incase i wrecked it.

    You know thoughs doodle books that look like colidoscopes? well this is what happens when you leave ME in charge of one....  I get annoyed with it, decide to rip the one i am presently trying to make look pretty up, stick it to something else I didn't like  and somehow it works out fine...... well, at least I tell my self that....

    The Asian Lung was again a piece that got cut up due to personaly thought mistakes. It soon got added to the back of an old envelope and worked into  alittle further, then placed it with satisfied Pride in the book.


1 wondering off  often stops you from going too far
2 nothing wrong with scraps of paper that inspire you
3 some pictorial doodles sometimes look fantastic even after a hissy fit..

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

ALICE? who the **** is Alice?

 Due to go and see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, I went on a little rampage of doodling Mad Hatters Tea parties....  Only because I was and still am ditermined to have a Tea party of my own.

I decided to use a black ink pen and coloured pencils (cheap kind you can get in £1 shops ). They work just as well as the best stuff sometimes.

As you can see.... The mad Hatter's Hat a tea cup and a cake drawn onto a vine (as I had a thing for vines at the time).
 Not forgetting a teapot or the watch the White rabbit is sure to own and constantly show that he is late.

Oh   and the table. With my little fury friends... Mice investigating the fine offerings of cakes and TEA..... upon tables, chairs and books of all shapes and sizes assembled ready for a party.... But where are the guests???

and more

 This is Part of the journal ("the book"), It is almost like a border, You know the ones that you write or work around ?

As you can possibly see, It started as a vine surrounding a gem, but as usual i feel like scrtibbling into it with watercolour pencils and watercolour paints to add colour to reflect my emotion into it. You should see the ranting and raving in code next to the orriginal.
Again, worked as a border. this is only 1/8 of the full thing. the rest is surrounding more ranting and raving. I chose felt tips this time from what "was" my travel kit at the time (out and about in town or at the pub (work and social). I chose these colours to relax. I do like how some of the marks made remind me of MOKO (New Zealand) or water.


 This piece is from a project at college based on Synaesthesia. from which I made small pieces in boxes and Large Lanterns which got hung in a Willow tree for Photographing.
 As you can tell  this is one of the boxes. Started as pieces that I had  Marbled (lots of fun and very messy... thats the best bit). then grabbed my favorite media... WATERCOLOURS.. and worked into each page individualy addidng small details.
 I then cut out the "best bits" and stitched into each section..And with some help I made some wooden boxes and added each layer using foam pads  to get a 3D look. The photography was also fun. I don't have a studio so as makeshift, At the time I used some white A2 paper against the wall and floor and had a desk lamp as my focus light.... The pictures, I feel looked fantastic.

The Face, Was a piece that was worked on during a drunken New year. Since the party I was due to go to got cancled, thought it best to stay out of trouble at home. Parents out and I tended not to go out much myself anyways.
 It started out as a scrap piece of paper with colour tests and marks from cleaning paint brushes. Little did I know that working into it that it would start looking like a face and what would best interpretate my synaesthesia... And thats where the artistic side of the Synaesthesia started (I noticed the synaesthesia watching Windows media player and complaining to MUM that the colours were the wrong colours but didnt know it as synaesthesia).

The wizard will never get finnished, I'm not even sure how I even managed to paint it. and not sure where to go with it next. My guess is I'm in fear of wrecking it and then ending up scrapping it.. I may, in the future work into it, but for now it will stay where it is.

Any Ideas?

 I'll start with an orriginal from a night I lived at home. All that can be said is, now the piece is no longer in my posession.... It's going to America soon with its owner. It was whisked away from me by a friend who presently lives in Somerset.

Amongst the paintbrush collection that was 2x the size before I moved out of my Ex's flat... there is a paintbrush 10 short hairs thick (tiny). This helped alot because I Don't like working big.. Or rarely work on a large scale, I hope in the feuture there will be pieces that manage to stay bigger than A5 (chuckles to self)

Now. This piece, is A2, No i wasn't feeling right in the head. I was drunk. With the help Of mum and a couple of bottles of choice Red wine. I do not remember much of painting the piece or taking pictures. Though mum filled me in on details of my nose being within milimeters of touching paper and singing along to  the strange and wonderfull sounds of my playlist (will fill you in in more detail soon).

Oh.. Nearly forgot....The piece is Most likely Inspired by Synaesthesia...
(yes..... I see colours to sound but again will fill in details soon)

Time to get to work, and doodle Introduction

I recently started a new job as you may already know.... 

Now I have a couple of days off a week to do my own thing, meaning abit more time to do my "scribbles" and let my artistic side free again.

As we know, The blog is  the digitalised version of my Journal (which are mosatly handmade from almost anything found in my art draws and pieces of art that usualy turns into somthing completly different to expected).... there will also be a few other odds and sodds in there too... like the fashion pieces and deccies, gifts and cards I make along the way.

I hope to keep as up to date as possible....   keep it as close to a journal as possible....  but first there's alot of catching up to do...  with help from J, Mum and my camera...  the motivation should keep going. and the insperation along with it.

I hope to gain readers and gather insperation from them too.. so feel free to join in  and give as much feedback as you can...  it helps....


J telling me i need to spend time on "the book"
Camera is working 

Thursday, 6 October 2011

the finnished piece

  So here we have it.... The costume.... and a photographer in his beginnings... I've tweaked his pictures a little to show him what to look for in the future (photography was part of my art course at college) and to show him how to tweak a little himself. I'm hoping my new job (pub wise) will give me a little free time to go out and about with him and take some pictures of my own again.

  Would be fun and will be a fantastic way to spend time with J out and about and not have to worry too much about split shift or my only day off being on a Sunday.

  Here you will see how he has directed me a little as well as let me be me. Though he forgot to get the whole costume (back of the bustle) or full body portraits to show the whole composition), But I'll work on that with him another time....
, a closeup of my face, J was instructing me what he wanted me to do. Originally all the pictures were in landscape and so I tweaked it to turn it into portrait. He loves the final outcome and has decided it is his best piece to date (that includes trips to the beach and the Promenade gardens in Douglas). That and it's natural and I was not expecting a click to be heard.

Here I'm starting to get upset because i had stood in that position for a little while and "my knees are hurting" could be heard , But it's the best view i could find of the bustle. "YEY"   not too bad for hand stitching. And the key J helped me make which slots out for work so if needs be i might attach it by string so it can be picked up so Customers and staff can "wind me up" without it being  attatched to my costume.

This one is my faveroite, I'm not looking at the camera and it is a natural pose apart from being instructed to"Lean" on the banaster of the stairs. I think next time I have him taking pictures of models, We night go out and about. We havn't a space for a studio just yet so would be intresting where we could find to take pictures.

He is going to take his camera with him to (my) work on halloween, that way weather I'm working or not he will be able to take some fantastic pictures of all sorts of strange and wonderful costumes of our friends in fancy dress.

Monday, 3 October 2011

costume finnished....

Ive finnished my costume... theres glow in the dark stars tooooooo   YEY   it all looks great...  im just waiting on an afternoon off and a a J to be in a photography mood.

 That and i start my new job tomorrow... Im very nervous.... and presently just watching the clock turn to midnight....  im not a very good sleeper at the best of times   and im a night owl. not used to being in bed before midnight...  im not a morning person either...  a full on Grouch and J finds this amusing.

Well time to attempt to sleep... so good night all....

Thursday, 29 September 2011

whats been happening this week.....

I've been making my Halloween costume..... Yes i know, a month early, but whats the point in rushing around last minute. I won't know what my shift patterns will be for my new job for another couple of days.  that and I've been planning the costume for over a year...  I'm not kidding... its the best festival of the year in a personal opinion closely followed by Christmas.

(yes the model is me.."tah dah!!!".. And J took the photographs)

I was thinking of a clockwork doll and so in the middle of making the key for my back.

the inspiration came from a song..... (not for small ears) but the costume is More inspired by the Victorian fashion and Burlesque clothing.

so  yes  we have a corset (a little loose due to me being a skinny creature)
underneath is a dress fashioned into a skirt with over lip so it covers my tummy (so the corset doesn't rub),
Stockings  fantastically cool black and purple spiral affect. A beautiful headpiece i found in Claire's
 handy Charity shops old men's shirts and a net veil that was found to fashion a bustle..
unfortunate that the bustle had been sat on but it will, I'm sure will be fit and "poofy" enough for the HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!!!!!  I

I hope i will have full Photographs of the final piece, including the KEY and a makeup idea to keep a little ex performer happy.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My welcomes

 I studied Five long years upto Half a degree in Fine Art at College but unfortunatly faild my last year due to trouble with essays, I then straid away from my own art work and style when i became a full time Assistant manager of a pub.
  Recently I have become creativly active again, painting and doodling on free afternoons and settled into my new home with just enough room for me to spread out my mess bord (an old piece of MDF i use as a desk) and medias.
 It has to be said, my insperation to get back into my work is My new boyfriend "J" trying to get me to relax alittle on splitshifts instead of feeling like somthing is going to go wrong every five minutes.