Friday, 21 August 2015

busy bees

As you well know, having a toddler can be rather busy work...  but between attempting to keep our home tidy, Tilly occupied and a bit of crafting here and there...
Poor Daddy (molei)'s Diabetes has been playing him up. Insulin is burning up any energy he has so doesn't have chance to play as much as he would like to. (type 1)
We hope to have Daddy on an insulin pump by Christmas... as Mummy is just as tired as Daddy now running around after a certain cheeky Tilly.
As well as that.. Mummy is thinking of going back into the PUB TRADE as a manager again.. (hope to get a live in pub so Tilly is near by). and Also going to tackle a degree in Psychology... eek....
So a busy household...  It is all starting to get on top of me (want to better myself ).. as everyone knows I have trouble writing, notes, essays and "important letters" at the best of times... and often get panicy.. (on average it takes me an hour to write and type what most can in 15 minutes) when people are dictating or we are to write notes when people talk  often people have to repeat a couple of times and with note taking from books I have to read 2x before I take notes as I read again (if any of that makes sense) so this will be interesting.
When it comes to my blog, it is a little easier but still takes me twice as long as any body else to type anything out.
Anyways onto the fun stuff!!!
As usual  there is no order to these so Apologies....
Tilly in the park (about to give mummy her dodey) doing the wiggle bum chicken dance that she does all too well

A tilly masterpiece using the back of a plastic spoon a sponge and a finger
(trying to use things other than paintbrushes for different patterns and textures) there were bubbles in the sponge too at one point (needed cleaning and forgot to rinse the bubbles out)

Hair back looking ever so adorable and cheeky. And she knows it!
her new hiding place is behind the curtain by the small sofa when she knows mummy is chasing her about.

Running around Nannys garden like a Tiddly bear... one step two step  MUMMY TICKLES UNDER THERE!!!
of course hiding places chosen by Tilly aren't as good as she thinks.

Tilly also Loves "helping" in the garden by making mud pies... putting bits nanny hands her into the bucket, picking up gravel or dropped apples  and putting them in a different bucket, standing and deligating to Poppops  or attempting to move the wheel barrow...

An extra early Christmas pressy (more to come too)
Nanny and Poppops Neighbour lives right next door in a disabled bungalow.
He had a serious stroke and doesn't have quite as much energy, patience or dexterity as he would like.. He knits  sometimes crochets and has a sewing machine too...  and was having a clear out!
We often natter about what we are up to over the fence and swap ideas.
In the makings of a blanket for him to say thankyou.(as it would take him 3 times longer to make)

TILLYS BIG GIRL BED  she loves sitting on it during the day reading her books (its hard to get her out of the bedroom sometimes)
bedtime comes around she is aloud an hour or sitting and reading in her bed before we say time to sleep.. (daddy is favorite to sit with her at bedtime as long as mummy sits on her bed and reads(studies ect)... only daddy can manage to get her to sleep at the moment.

Another tilly work. This time with an old fork, fingers and a sponge

And this one is pure fingers and spoon

pinching nannys grape.

Aftermath of painting..... there was more in the bath than on the paper!