Saturday, 29 March 2014

oh ek!

I've tried to do some crochet, Lots of researching..... but every time I start something......  it gets unraveled .... Not as inspired as I thought...
Same with the drawing side of things.
I feel I have lost my mojo
Not lost my MUMMY spark though.....
All my time is usually cleaning  or playing.....  and recently paddy discovered the park.........
here goes the Paddy montage.
Wednesday 26th march, was our first wedding anniversary.
We spent the day with nana mumbles and popops.
Here's paddy cuddling Nana's fluffy pillows wearing a dress.....It is hard to find dresses that suit her, that and she seems to prefer leggings and jeans.
Oh No!!!! she has found out how to take the pictures....
Have the tablet on camera facing you mode and she is off........

Now every time I take a picture, she has to see herself as I am taking them....
And because she is concentrating on the screan, Snap!  some beautiful shots appear.

With them big eyes, 7 teethie pegs and button nose

ON THE ROUNDABOUT....   on mummy's lap...  round  and round... and    ooh   mummy is dizzy.

Daddy pushing her on the swing! she loves it..  usually because mummy tickles her tummy and pulls faces as she gets closer

OOOOO   more closeups.....  Gorgeous smiles
This morning.... Breakfast was late.. because Paddy decided to go back to bed at 8 am  (after keeping mummy up since 1 am)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows......

Yes I've had the song stuck in my head....  chuntering the lyrics as I wonder down to the shops and back in the morning.....
 it was a Beautiful day yesterday and Paddy enjoyed the fresh air.
 Paddy and I decided to play with her books yesterday morning.
 PICTURE pointing is fun.
She has Learnt to point out certain pictures and If I have 2 or 3 book's pages placed out for her and ask her to find a butterfly, duck, birdie (small bird), pussycat, doggy, dolly, baby, monkey or bear (usually a teddy or polar bear). usually along with a sound any animal makes. she will pick the book out of the collection spread out and 4/5 times point the right image.
In praise as always there is a cuddle and kiss and lots of  "clever girl" , "well done" , "shall we try another one?" and continue to mix the books up so they are different every time..
we have prompt cards to start using instead of the books now too....  and we are trying to point to mummy daddy and paddy to say who we are..  we have also now taught her nosies and Goodbye/ goodnight kisses for loved ones.

 As I mentioned, It was a beautiful day yesterday. For most of the afternoon the sun was shining into the living room and the windows were open.
This picture was about 3 pm

After all that hard work pointing out images in books, Paddy flaked out on mummy after some juice.
Nana mumble visited and Molei finished his work early
Paddy had some Chocolate egg whip. (walnut whip but no walnut)
Of course mummy isn't aloud a cake or chocolate to herself. Paddy gives her the big eyes and smile as If to ask   PLEAAASEEEEE!!!!

Watching nana head for her Taxi waving and getting sad when she cant see her anymore.
She does that when daddy goes for a meeting too... Of course she is usually with me so when I wonder off out of the room or go down the path... the world is ending.
This morning...though we ended up in the living room by 5 am, paddy flaked out by 6am... by 7 molei pops in with a cuppa to find paddy taking up allll the room on the sofa (layed out on the floor to make makeshift bed) with me propped up on the edge watching telly trying to stay on... the cushions.
she soon woke up (7:15) and demolished her breakfast, 1/3 of mine and 7fl/oz of juice
Now panned out again in her bed....

Sunday, 9 March 2014

SUN and cheeky grins

It has been a good week...  What to say?
There has been a  gorgeous Cheeky Paddy Bombing about her pay area...
She is even standing alone for approximately a minute now and thinking of taking steps....  she will be 9 months old on March 20th.
Here's a few pictures that will brighten any ones day
the red number. And a bobble in the hair.

Notices mummy has a camera.......

once she has realized mummy has camera.....

This is the first book that has bit the dust....  was half expecting it 2 months ago

She knew mummy had the camera, so didn't stand anymore, instead decided to come and attack mummy and camera.

Hearing one of many toys in one of her boxes singing away.

continues to head towards mummy...

"I'm here!!" oh save me....

oooo nosies n kisses  Thank you Paddy

Today, waiting for the train....
Sun was out  a few bees too...
even this queen bee sitting happily basking in the sun...
it was warm enough to leave our jackets under the pram

Paddy (teething)... with pluto lording it up. We didn't need the cover, or blanket in the end... and the jacket came off by lunch too  TOO WARM

After our lunch we headed to Nana mumbles house Via the Village park.
All these crocus met us by the path and sweet blossom on a couple of trees. a true sign of spring. 

One of the crocus up close.

even UNCLE BEN's tree in nana's garden is budding nicely.
Faith loved the fluffy texture of it.

by the time we got home it was time for tea.
This is what Creamy Cabonara and raspberry oat bar does to paddy
YUMMY and cheeky smiles

Sunday, 2 March 2014

not much out of the norm..

we have been our usual selves here...
there's now 4 front teeth protruding in our little padded one's mouth and 2 others thinking about coming through.
She is also occasionally standing on her own!
though, we havn't spoken to mum for a few days... we know she is enjoying the sun, whilst she can and is busy setting up base happily in N Z.
we need to sort out a Skype time.
photos will have to do....
all dolled up to go out. Sunday Lunch...yum. (pinches some of mummy's and has a yogurt for pudding)

Paddy had a taste of daddy's chocolate moose. Mummy's wasn't safe.....  this is the result of trying to take the whole pot.

her new play area..... peeking to see mummy

another Sunday another pinched lunch

completely gone to the world after calpol... pillow swapped for mummy's freedom to drink tea.....the sofa was set out as a bed for the night and it was rather comfey

enjoying her bath ... can you see the bubble beard????
paddy loves baths but hates the hair being washed
wearing her Paddinton Bear hoodie... Nana Lou got her (manxgirl)

"hello" getting tall... soon enough you will be able to reach mummy from there

today, with today's new book. it makes noises...  already driving daddy crazy with it..... todays Sunday lunch..... chilli jacket potato. she demolished two portions of it..... and three chippies.