Sunday, 2 March 2014

not much out of the norm..

we have been our usual selves here...
there's now 4 front teeth protruding in our little padded one's mouth and 2 others thinking about coming through.
She is also occasionally standing on her own!
though, we havn't spoken to mum for a few days... we know she is enjoying the sun, whilst she can and is busy setting up base happily in N Z.
we need to sort out a Skype time.
photos will have to do....
all dolled up to go out. Sunday Lunch...yum. (pinches some of mummy's and has a yogurt for pudding)

Paddy had a taste of daddy's chocolate moose. Mummy's wasn't safe.....  this is the result of trying to take the whole pot.

her new play area..... peeking to see mummy

another Sunday another pinched lunch

completely gone to the world after calpol... pillow swapped for mummy's freedom to drink tea.....the sofa was set out as a bed for the night and it was rather comfey

enjoying her bath ... can you see the bubble beard????
paddy loves baths but hates the hair being washed
wearing her Paddinton Bear hoodie... Nana Lou got her (manxgirl)

"hello" getting tall... soon enough you will be able to reach mummy from there

today, with today's new book. it makes noises...  already driving daddy crazy with it..... todays Sunday lunch..... chilli jacket potato. she demolished two portions of it..... and three chippies.

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