Friday, 30 May 2014

Something different

Instead of Pulling the bag I have been working on apart.
I have put it to a side and decided to start a blanket.... bigger than the purple and pink one!
Just to keep my options open .
Please excuse my little size 3 feet in the shot, I forgot to crop them out!
It was decided to finish one end off before carrying on with the rest, though I may keep it zigzag, which look rather nice also.
The colours here are a mossy green, dark brown, tan and a couple of different shades of creamy colours.
Warm and cozy looking I hope..
The weather here hasn't been too good, so no playtime in Nana Mumbles Garden
But doesn't stop me from taking pictures of Paddy!
On June 9th (9 sleeps)
Our baby girl will be A WHOLE YEAR OLD!
how these 12 months have flown... and is growing into an awesome and intelligent little character
this is when she was a day old....
....a few months old....
("I'm not listening!")
To this curly topped, mad hatter of a cheeky monkey....
And just as cuddly

ready to pop into town and meet Nana for a spot of lunch
Hair in a ponytail included. looks like a bun.

cuddling up to mummy and her new coat when it was nearly time to go out
Paddy's strawberry hat!

snuggling up to mummy for books
"the hooded Faith"
and how much fun it is to sit and play with a biro pen when not crocheting
mum Finally gets her belongings from the UK.
so  Sewing Machines, fabrics, Wool, needles and threads... And the rest of Oliver House that she was able to salvage and keep (nana M's house)
So there will be a lot more happening in the world of Manxgirl


Monday, 26 May 2014

A bit further

Here we are... one full panel done..... still a little way to go.
other news.... Here's a Cheeky Monkey!
"Fee Fi Foe Fumb, I smell the fillings of a Paddy's bum" 

"Ok mum, be right there, just finish this text!"

look at that! one in a million!
mummy cuddles ( about to tickle her )

She likes sitting in the window.....

Tickle monster attacks (daddy)

this has to be a new favorite photo!

this is another new favorite... toothy grin

gorgeous girl

Attacking mummy's feet
"agh It Tickles"

A new Hat....  her toy box at nana's

Nana's doylies being used as hats too!

"Hello daddy, are you there??"

"where's he gone?"

I see you!
Paddy / daddy time is funny to watch! I love it
Different every time

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

a little crochet and a cheeky monkey go a long way

We, as usual, will start with the crafty side.....
This is what is being planned and made for my next bag....
My Circular project got pulled apart after getting wound up with it AGAIN!
Yes, I tried a few times before I gave in....
Will try another day.
Of course, Trial and error is the way to go!
Here, is the beginnings,
Working with PINK, sparkaly PINK, Black, Pale pink and purple....
I like using old colours before starting new....and there's a few scraps big enough to help me

I like to think that the bag will look something like this....
a Striped/ zig zag main panel made as a panel.
The lower panel will be continuous and the upper panel will be attached as part of the middle panel....
If that makes sense...
I'm sure you will see as I go.
Now for Paddy.....
Some of these haven't been seen by mum (nana Lou/ Manxgirl) yet..
Mummy pulls faces. You could say I am just as mischievous as my Daughter
Molei says I am the one who is all mischief, crazy and cheeky and Paddy will follow suit Happily.

Here she is Dolled up for a Daddy Daughter Morning, Molei Has a morning off.....
That's why I am writing my blog this morning .

Cheeky grins.... just because she can see herself on my tablet.

Not impressed after mummy bathed her and brushed her hair... I'm sure she is Vowing to trash her hair the moment I am not looking.

Ah, camera! mummy's little red camera is out.
I couldn't see the screen when I took this.....
Did well

I love to watch her play, she goes off and does her own thing.....
And occasionally it is too quiet, so pop my head up from whatever I am doing and find scenes like these...

Pinching mummy's seat.....

"dare you....   Tickle them!"

"LOOK AT MY BELLY"   she hadn't long finished lunch

Sure she could take more of the sofa up.... If nana Mumble wasn't in the seat next to her...

Awwww... Cuddles and kisses....
Nana is cheeky and mischievous too....
So I can't take all the blame.

Playing in her tent.... making mess..... AGAIN!

Smiles. A shame that dodey is in her mouth again....

Daft o'clock... Mummy is awake...... ugh.... watch TV for a bit till she conks back out......

Thursday, 15 May 2014

SEE I have been crocheting! plus some pictures of Paddy

So here goes.....  The crafting
Here is a little clutch style handbag, Just big enough for a purse, camera and small phone for a night out?
Here is the beginnings of the next bag...
I have quite a lot of wool to play with, but have an O C D to finish the colours I have open before starting More...
Anybody for Paddy???
No Post from me is Right without Paddy....

Here she is playing with her blocks and laughing at mummy pulling faces...

Well   I did have a tidy pile of play blankets... (which on a bad night She ends up nesting in...So cute)

Boogieing to the T.V music....

Pink Thunderbird doing the "OH NO" hands... she also does all gone (hands out to shrug)

Pins mummy down for cuddles

Off for a FLY

teethy peg brushing time

on the phone to the POPE

Cuddling mummy and chance to attack the tablet

She was sitting on his lap, and took his specs off....  so we tried them on her....