Thursday, 15 May 2014

SEE I have been crocheting! plus some pictures of Paddy

So here goes.....  The crafting
Here is a little clutch style handbag, Just big enough for a purse, camera and small phone for a night out?
Here is the beginnings of the next bag...
I have quite a lot of wool to play with, but have an O C D to finish the colours I have open before starting More...
Anybody for Paddy???
No Post from me is Right without Paddy....

Here she is playing with her blocks and laughing at mummy pulling faces...

Well   I did have a tidy pile of play blankets... (which on a bad night She ends up nesting in...So cute)

Boogieing to the T.V music....

Pink Thunderbird doing the "OH NO" hands... she also does all gone (hands out to shrug)

Pins mummy down for cuddles

Off for a FLY

teethy peg brushing time

on the phone to the POPE

Cuddling mummy and chance to attack the tablet

She was sitting on his lap, and took his specs off....  so we tried them on her....

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