Friday, 31 January 2014

A parcel!

 Bumbling about the flat doing quiet odd jobs whilst Paddy snoozes in her cot, The Buzzer, which I wasn't expecting today, made me jump... but Paddy didn't even stir (another long night).
It was a very smiley Postman.... he must have been having a good day.
A BIG BOX.... From Mum (manxgirl)... hmmm....   how do I get in.????

When I got into the box I was greeted by Very Familiar Colours... lemonade and a large Vodka comes to mind....  (which I have asked Mumble to keep for if Paddy was to stay with her).
Yup   but this one is called.... Penny lemonade.... I know who would enjoy nosing at the patterns and snuggling into that.....

An embroided and blanketed calendar.... just need to find something to hang it on...

OOOOOOOOO  crochet booklets....   something to ponder over.........

I'm sure I've seen this draped over Nana's Sofa... I LOVE IT....
there were also photographs, my original birth certificates, a cross stitch...
 and A charm for Paddy's Bracelet (hidden for now)
I just Had to add a picture of Paddy...... 
Here she is with her Penny Lemonade

Thursday, 30 January 2014

big girl shoes

I know she is standing occasionally now, so we are starting to put her shoes on to get her used to wearing them.
We've had these ones in the wardrobe waiting for when her feet are big enough.
Look at her Waving at the snow.
we hadn't long got home from the local shops, as we got to the window it got heavy...
it didn't stick, otherwise we would have got her out there to stand in it (holding onto mummy).
This was Play time yesterday.... the tickle monster attacked.
un photographed things......
She can say MAMA and NANA now...  dada is boring....  and BAH BAH  is still a favorite
she is currently sprawled out on a blanket playing with BARRY the bunny  (mum tried to call him stew), she is getting annoyed because he has a slobbery ear.... well that's what she gets for chewing on it!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Too many photos..... cant choose...... oh dear

I have Been hooking, Honest...  just not much between housework and Faith.
It is exhausting.
Anyways     I was talking about photos.......

I put Faith in her bed for a nap, This is how I found her when I went to check on her.
I made sure she was warm with a nice thick blanket and put her on her side as not to get a sore back.
She hasn't been sleeping to well, Night terrors. All I can do is cuddle her and reassure her.
It is, I am sure just part of growing up, learning to walk crawl etc..  and having dreams about it.
Poor little Lamb and I have recently given in in the early hours and go into the living room so we don't disturb Molei.
As you know Paddy has a fascination with the window, She has started to realize that she can Wave Goodbye to Daddy and Nana Mumble as they leave.
She has also discovered that she can see the baby in it when it is dark. She hasn't figured its her yet, because she still kisses it and chatters to her reflection.
Oh yes, Her confidence in standing is getting pretty good... she even tries letting go. A few bumps back on her bum and a few scares  but tries again non the less...
Here she is attempting to pace around Nana Mumbles coffee table she got as far as this side and struggled to figure out how to turn and carry on.
And here she is grabbing onto the sofa again after deciding she isn't ready to let go for more than 3 seconds.
A broken biscotti, put on her tray, this is what I came back to... "which one do I eat??"

She also has now discovered and has a pun chant for BANANNANANANA (yes that many).. ricecakes.....  there are apple ones too  not opened them yet

So a Happy Paddy
A Cheeky little Monkey,
Curly Topped Little My (Moomins) with a temper to match at times....
A Smile for almost Anyone!!!!!!!!





Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pretty dresses make all the difference

Today, Like most Sundays we went out for SUNDAY DINNER with Mumble and Popops.
We usually go into town or out to Reddich if we go out, or have a Roast here at home (salad in the summer), But this week, we went to theToby Carvery down the road (we took mum down there Last week).
 And this is her outfit for the day and having a play before we went.

I know for a fact Nana Lou would love this picture....
Paddy being cheeky with whispering
"bah bah bah. Da da da " .....
And then smiling deciding to do the same LOUDER 

She is doing very well with her standing, and she is determined to step sideways here and there to grab things or MUMMY and chew on trouser legs, hands, mummy's phone.......  anything she can reach.

Daddy gave her his old phone to play with, to stop her from playing with mummy's........... she decided it was tasty.

So mummy tried to teach her how to use the (batteryless) phone and pretend to call both Nanas, pressing buttons and chattering away....

and Paddy is trying to take it to pieces. I think she is going to be one of those people that takes things to pieces to see how it works........
Speaking of Paddy, she has climbed up for a cuddle.... her teeth must be hurting again.

Friday, 17 January 2014

what is Quiet?

"GREEN..........1 2 3 count with me.... MOOO MOOO MOOO...... Triangle......GREEN..." calls out the singing cow As Paddy presses the same green triangular button with the numbers 1 2 and 3 painted on it repetitively.
"Erm... paddy, New button Please?"
"... 1 2 3... Count with me.... MOOO MOOO MOOO..."
She would soon get rather annoyed with it because it wouldn't do what she wants it to and grabs her Remote control instead.

"Volume UP *bring bring bring*" as it gets louder
"Todays shape is a CIRCLE" as it plays a little tune.
At least it has a few more sayings than the cow.
Don't under estimate her though. Paddy is an intelligent little Monkey that is always up to mischief.
Here are Pictures to prove such Mischief.
Here is Paddy after searching the flat for Daddy. She thought she would attempt to grab the Telly remote, Daddy's work book and anything else she would think be in reach.....  Ah, But mummy had beaten her to it... Non of the items above were in reach.
She took it out on the sofa instead and sat back down in a grump.
We have been woken up at daft times recently. Upstairs have a response call at 4... 5  or 6 am some mornings, I can often hear the whole conversation from Both ends of the call and usually in reply to being woken, Paddy screams the Block awake.. of course some milk and cuddles settles her down, but it beans she is a grump all next day and ends up doing this to poor mummy who wants to do house work! Paddy does not take it lightly that mummy tries to put her back in her cot and carry on.

Poor popops came to visit with nana Mumble...... sitting on his lap, Paddy decides to play with his glasses (luckily £1 reading glasses...). Daddy puts them on her face, nana and myself Snap up a picture. She looks cute
Paddy likes shopping Bags. Doesn't matter what it is for she will play with it.
Well it is an everyday Item, and so it is good that she Likes bags because Nana has lots of them and mummy likes to make them. next project may be a Paddy Bag to carry her own toys in when out and about.

Hmm... Chocolate biscotti.... How do you know she enjoyed it???
It is all over her face and non left on the tray.
as Nana Lou said... "SHAMPOO CURLS"
Lets just say, Paddy managed to get BANANA (which is a new favorite)  AND biscotti in her hair.
"ewwwwwwwieeee!!! Paddy your not aloud banana any more"
She is, Its good for her.... and she eats a whole one apart from what gets in those curls.
Right...  get Paddy's Lunch ready before she wakes up.....  it was another 4 am start from next door... grrrrr



Monday, 13 January 2014

More pictures and more to come from MUM

Ah, a few pictures to show you... even a couple of me....  it is rare I get in on the heist of having pictures taken of me. so enjoy whilst it lasts....  I am sure There will be more I am sure once Manxgirl has gone through hers.
First, These are Pictures Neenie's Hubby, Paul took. on Saturday
A shame that Biscotti was all over her outfit.....  that's what happens when you share snacks with Uncle Joe without a bib  huh!
Don't worry, she was changed before we went out for our meal

Cuddles with mummy, Teethy pegs must have been giving her gyp. chewing on fingers again.
Cuddles always help  and kisses.

Ah yes, the bags. Faith Likes chewing on them.....


Told you...........   she was happy enough and only left a few slobbery wet patches here and there...
see. new outfit. that got covered in her tea....!!!!
At the end of the day, my living room hadn't had so many people in it ever and looked like a bomb had hit it.
That didn't last long.
 For Sunday's antics. These are the pictures Molei or Myself took.
This one was taken by Molei.  Paddy had just had her teething powder so was happily nashing on her dodey. She looks Very pretty thank you to Nana Lou (manxgirl)'s dress choice.
We met up on the train and popped into town for a spot of shopping. OF COURSE Paddy has a ew outfit to grow into and a couple of new pairs of Jimmy Jams... she also got a Pink Princess cup that is glittery  and will keep her entertained until big enough to drink from.
Then soon enough time to go to the Airport....
Everyone Gathered around a BIG round table  (6 of us all together) and had a Burger king.
Then played Pass the Paddy. lets say the table was very shiny when we left it... Paddy's bum polished it whilst sitting and playing.
"Sorry uncle Joe, It's My hat Now."
I think it goes well with todays outfit, and Surprised that Uncle Joe got his hat back at all.
This is now My favorite picture of Paddy. She looks GORGEOUS sat there in her hat.
Mummy wears her hat like that too.

"Can I have some money please?"
After Mum, her hubby and Joe checked luggage in, we Pottered about the airport slowly back to the monorail and departure entrance.
Paddy had fallen asleep by this point.
"oops!. Is he dead?"
We made the picture look like I had knocked him over with the pram.
Soon It was time to go. Big hugs all round and cuddles for Paddy later when she woke up.
Off we go back onto the Monorail and 2 trains back home. it was very busy on the local train and was raining by the time we got back to Our station.
But there's no worries when you can get changed into warm Jimmy jams and have a big hot chocolate
(or warm milk in Paddy's case).
What a busy weekend.
Not had a weekend like that since we went to visit Manx Land (Isle of man) when Paddy was 2 weeks old.


Saturday, 11 January 2014


according to Paddy...
"babababa    Da Da .... babababa biwwwwwwww"
 on a regular basis now.
Thursday night, looking at daddy and holding mummy's hannies... she grinned at daddy and called him..... every time he looked away she would look cross and call him again......
Was amusing to watch....
As I have Said... My mum her hubby and my brother Joe are here for a couple of days to see Paddy
Also  today only we saw my little cousin Jacob with his mummy  (my aunty) Neriene  and her Hubby Paul.
here goes    today
Joe holding Our youngest cousin......
Here Jacob is having a cuddle of Molei. I don't think he has been the pass parcel so much in his life poor Little man.
He was SOOOOOO well behaved though.

here we have  Paddy chewing on a bag that had gifts in it, Paul sitting poised with his camera, mum looking at her picture she had just taken, Joe behind her and mum's hubby looking at a picture he had taken on mum's tablet.

Here is UNCLE Joe having a cuddle before we left for a Carvery lunch   YUM...

We then came home for a cake and cuppa...
Neen, Paul and baby Jacob had to leave early for a drive back down to Essex.
And after giving Paddy some tea, this is how I find Paddy's toys....
Playing on my OCD... grrrrrrrrrrr... will fix that when Paddy has gone to bed.
Ready for bed in her new jimmy jams.
She is Figitin like mad now so it is taking twice as long to type.....
Cmon girlie  time for bed


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The great escape!

Whilst My darling little Pad'a'one is trying to escape her temporary play area and I stand with a nice cup of coffee having a break from putting some washing away and other odd jobs......
On the creative side....
my book..... Meet mummy's drawings of Paddy. It is now English and full of Paddy
Here she is Sitting with her tent and Favorite Play Blankie that Nana Lou Made.
And this week... Is the Bath time Picture. Lots of bubbles and splashing... today she had a checkup. on Friday... Nana Lou and Uncle Joe come and Saturday is a play date with 2nd cousin Jacob who is a few weeks younger. I'm Sure a play in the ball pool will not go a miss.... (there's a kiddie Gym just on the other side of the Village).
And here is Next week So far.....  Paddy standing and attempting to climb over her box. after making the usual mess with her favorite toys.
Even Mr. Nut Brown is left to fend for himself.
I Do have a few Sketches too as I go along. so It would work almost as an Idea for her baby book. sketching out little adventures as she grows up.... A great influence to keep creative
Also some Crochet    not much  but some... It is a long piece and will be Wide too..... So after Paddy goes to bed..... I do a row or 2.
on the tent front.... a few additions....LIGHTING
On the outside we have    A circle around the turret.....
And on the inside we have a little bit of light... it looks better in the dark.
Paddy herself, is a Cheeky Madame as always.
"is that nice???"......must be......

we even managed to sit still and put pigtails in her hair!

even I had them.

Paddy attempted to escape the living area..... she got stuck around now.

Playtime in the tent is always fun......but have to keep an eye on her. she likes attacking the printer.

fooooood again..... 
You always know when she has found where the curtains part and plays in the windowsill area.

And playing in the Hall....where I can keep an eye on her as I do dishes ect.
she has finally fallen asleep...... naptime.....