Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The great escape!

Whilst My darling little Pad'a'one is trying to escape her temporary play area and I stand with a nice cup of coffee having a break from putting some washing away and other odd jobs......
On the creative side....
my book..... Meet mummy's drawings of Paddy. It is now English and full of Paddy
Here she is Sitting with her tent and Favorite Play Blankie that Nana Lou Made.
And this week... Is the Bath time Picture. Lots of bubbles and splashing... today she had a checkup. on Friday... Nana Lou and Uncle Joe come and Saturday is a play date with 2nd cousin Jacob who is a few weeks younger. I'm Sure a play in the ball pool will not go a miss.... (there's a kiddie Gym just on the other side of the Village).
And here is Next week So far.....  Paddy standing and attempting to climb over her box. after making the usual mess with her favorite toys.
Even Mr. Nut Brown is left to fend for himself.
I Do have a few Sketches too as I go along. so It would work almost as an Idea for her baby book. sketching out little adventures as she grows up.... A great influence to keep creative
Also some Crochet    not much  but some... It is a long piece and will be Wide too..... So after Paddy goes to bed..... I do a row or 2.
on the tent front.... a few additions....LIGHTING
On the outside we have    A circle around the turret.....
And on the inside we have a little bit of light... it looks better in the dark.
Paddy herself, is a Cheeky Madame as always.
"is that nice???"......must be......

we even managed to sit still and put pigtails in her hair!

even I had them.

Paddy attempted to escape the living area..... she got stuck around now.

Playtime in the tent is always fun......but have to keep an eye on her. she likes attacking the printer.

fooooood again..... 
You always know when she has found where the curtains part and plays in the windowsill area.

And playing in the Hall....where I can keep an eye on her as I do dishes ect.
she has finally fallen asleep...... naptime.....

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