Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day

Apart from teethies hurting and causing ROSEY cheeks...  I think she had a good day...
Love from N Z and nana Lou..
Two beautiful dolls, new swimming costume and shorts and t shirt
lets start at the beginning!!!!
somebody woke me up at 2:30 this morning....
it is now 5:30 in the evening now.
By this point it is 6:30am.. I've been awake the whole time
I thought of revenge... but who can resist this gorgeous sight,
I left her to it... she only slept a few more minutes.
whilst sausages sizzled away in the oven... we opened presents....
here you see her new dollies and magnetic drawing pad...
she loves cuddling her dollies   and well   everywhere she went around the flat... there be at least one magnetic shape left behind... often carrying the pad about

Once dressed in a gorgeous outfit sent from her GREAT auntie Emma back on the Isle of Man.
and got to Nana Mumbles house
(mmmm turkey was the first thing you could smell as you wondered though the garage to the back door), we managed to get a picture of plaited piggy tails

Tilly's outfit

Well we cant leave the house without a cuddly toy  and the boy dolly came with us.
So here we are.. Santa had been here too

with jigsaw clocks....
noisy books...
and the farm fun pop up set...
 "oooooooooh" for moo

of course we are lucky if pieces of jigsaw stay with the rest of it

being a poser...

being a stunner


ah   MEGA blocks... lots of fun

Mummy has to build things... and tilly dismantles it...

whilst she was inspecting Nana's goings on I the kitchen  ( both of them playing under the ruddy table)
mummy made a BIGGG tower!
it WAS taller than Tilly

gorgeous smiles all day... just a shame her teethies made her cheeks very pink and so detinox gel and a dodey to help take the edge off.
She is just having a snooze. Fell asleep before we reached the half way mark home (the lake from previous posts  where the park is) 
she feels she is missing out when at Nana's
still snoozing, I don't mind, we will get her back into a normality again soon

Sunday, 21 December 2014

A little bit of everything...

My apologies for the lack of photo coordanation
But here is a MISH MASH  of Craft, Christmas And Tilly
Of course... I only add the best pictures
This was a few weeks ago....
Tilly was holding Pop's teddy hostage till he had gotten home,
in the process of his absence, there was a lot of snoring!

I finished this little fello within 24 hours of starting him, he has been stolen off his spot next to the TV several times to be asked to switch his little LED light on (changes colours)

Ah, Doctor Tilly!
She gets so inquisitive around Daddy's Insulin pens and blood tester and can show daddy what he does after he has tested his bloods.
(type 1 diabetic)
so we decided to give her one of her presents early... A MEDICAL KIT...
of course within a week she has managed to leave half of it at Nana Mumbles or somewhere in the toybox.... it's case often gets carted around like a handbag.

Oh the cheeky little monkey!
she can't do wrong with that smile...
I love to see her giggling and grinning like this!!
and I know NOONE can resist these cheeky snaps

OO a snippet of the tree. all together there must be roughly 20 or so hand made decorations on my tree.. no specific colour coordination as it was WHATEVER was to hand.

a little red and white bauble

when sat happily waiting for Sunday roast to cook, and you ask Tilly if she is playing with the tree, she shakes her head and strikes a pose

ah, same day she pinched Pop's Teddy, his name is H
Tilly can't go upstairs to follow nana, or Pops without sitting in Pop's Desk chair.
last time I got a shot of her on the chair, she was half the size.

Ah, Today.... Hubby didn't know where to start!
we treated Pops and Mumble to sunday lunch... you can just about see Tilly's Favorite, Fish fingers and chips (with a mountain of peas)... she ate half the peas and most of the fish fingers......  Oh  and 2 chips.
Meet Capitan Tilly Purple Peg!
every time she had gone into nana's Peg bag... one came out and got added (often got pulled off and ended up on the floor somewhere in the house.
was nice to have a brew (cup of tea) and dark chocolate digestives whilst watching sister act 2

SALUTE! not quite....   close to navy..... need to practice methinks

See!!! more CHEEKY grins because nana had a Pen Moustache that kept dropping

which makes this little monster GIGGLE...
which makes the rest of the room GIGGLE and watch

HMM...  where did you get a chocky biscuit????
(she stole it of Nana)
we didn't see until she was half way through!

The BIG project.... 
getting Bigger.... Slowly....
It just covers Tilly....
But it is to cover HUBBY
and see the scrap balls waiting? (there's a couple more hidden)
 Still too full to have tea....  
may have some toast with Tilly later on...

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tilly... and parcels oh and crocheting

After a week of NO TAKING PICTURES OF TILLY... I've been doing other things...  and so MONDAY (was aloud to take pictures again) I took a picture of what I was up to  ..... Tilly had to get in on it....
here she is (Monday) "Helping" mummy make Daddy a Blanket to cuddle under on his couch
its one of those "reclaim wool from forgotten and annoyed at projects"

This mornings" Morning Mummy, Breakfast please" Mug shots
looking like a jail bird

Monday/ Tuesday  (both we drew and both she wore this outfit during the day because it wasn't dirty)
drawing picture for Nana Lou's Christmas Card (that was what she nodded to)

"hello gorgeous!"
asking if there's any room for a mummy to join her amongst a blankies and cushion fest on the living room floor

"er, Tiddly TillyBob the 2nd!!! that's MINE"
dunking her cheese sandwich into my soup..... then deciding to tare her crusts up and drop them in.... (I spoon fed her the tilly crutons)

I drew a clown at nana Mumbles house ( tilly decided to add to it after the picture)

Girly girl 9reminds me the bow has unstitched itself on one side... must get the repair kit out before its next outing)

Hello mummy
 A regular greeting that I have managed to capture on a meander to the shop

Today, we went to Nana Mumbles for lunch..
You'd swear all we feed her is Pork Pie and Crayola...
this was not the case... cheese sarnie Ham and grapes were in that bowl along with the pie...
Tilly just decided crayons were to be carried around too!

pulling faces across the room.

Now telling everyone off

Cheeky Grins at mummy saying the words "Porky Pie"

the reaction to "Is it time to go home and make tea???"

Pinching Mummy's hat its better than hers apparently..
she wore it all the way home   snooooozing all the way  (a good half hour meander as it is not easy going uphill with 3 bags of milk/ butter/ bread plus a few other bits including a new jumper of nana and a little advent calendar ..
speaking of advent Calandars....
Mum sent a rather large Sack of goodies from Kiwi Land.... ( N Z )
For those of you who follow Manxgirl's Blog, you may have seen some of what was amongst the goodies...
A HUGGGGE fabric Wall hanging Advent calendar with a couple of bags of goodies to divie (devide) into lots of little pockets... and a few  parcels for under our tree (when hubby finally says we are going to get a new one)
This will be our first Christmas here in Birmingham as last Christmas we went to Southport...
It was to cheer Nana mumbles up as she wasn't feeling strong enough to cook a big roast on Christmas day without her number 1 son.
This year, after a few mini trial runs and a rearrange of the kitchen table she is ready  and excited.
This year Tilly will be paying a little more attention to what is happening and not just pretty coloured paper....
time for farewells and
off to finnish tea...
Pasta bake  NOM

Friday, 14 November 2014


just a little proof that I am up to some good...
a doll I have made for Tilly a little while ago... I will hopefully be making some other mish mash dolls to go with her. (been playing and practicing when I can
this was my first attempt.

apart from that... Here's a TILLY FIX..

Andy Pandy!
some of you may remember him... I'm a little too young...
See the resemblance???
yes.. Lovely Mumbles (j's mum) pointed it out to me.

Cheeky Little devil causing Havoc in the living room...
I hadn't long tidied everything up
"mini tornado"
Cheeky smiles

Cheeky Grins

All for the little things.
look at that cheeky face...
jus want to squeeeeze her all up!!!

Mummy's Hat!
worst thing is,  she suits mummys Hats.... and mummy can never find them when she wants one
Bulls eye (Disney's toy story 2)
she loves him... He is as big as she is!
and she carries him around.
Funny to watch.