Sunday, 21 December 2014

A little bit of everything...

My apologies for the lack of photo coordanation
But here is a MISH MASH  of Craft, Christmas And Tilly
Of course... I only add the best pictures
This was a few weeks ago....
Tilly was holding Pop's teddy hostage till he had gotten home,
in the process of his absence, there was a lot of snoring!

I finished this little fello within 24 hours of starting him, he has been stolen off his spot next to the TV several times to be asked to switch his little LED light on (changes colours)

Ah, Doctor Tilly!
She gets so inquisitive around Daddy's Insulin pens and blood tester and can show daddy what he does after he has tested his bloods.
(type 1 diabetic)
so we decided to give her one of her presents early... A MEDICAL KIT...
of course within a week she has managed to leave half of it at Nana Mumbles or somewhere in the toybox.... it's case often gets carted around like a handbag.

Oh the cheeky little monkey!
she can't do wrong with that smile...
I love to see her giggling and grinning like this!!
and I know NOONE can resist these cheeky snaps

OO a snippet of the tree. all together there must be roughly 20 or so hand made decorations on my tree.. no specific colour coordination as it was WHATEVER was to hand.

a little red and white bauble

when sat happily waiting for Sunday roast to cook, and you ask Tilly if she is playing with the tree, she shakes her head and strikes a pose

ah, same day she pinched Pop's Teddy, his name is H
Tilly can't go upstairs to follow nana, or Pops without sitting in Pop's Desk chair.
last time I got a shot of her on the chair, she was half the size.

Ah, Today.... Hubby didn't know where to start!
we treated Pops and Mumble to sunday lunch... you can just about see Tilly's Favorite, Fish fingers and chips (with a mountain of peas)... she ate half the peas and most of the fish fingers......  Oh  and 2 chips.
Meet Capitan Tilly Purple Peg!
every time she had gone into nana's Peg bag... one came out and got added (often got pulled off and ended up on the floor somewhere in the house.
was nice to have a brew (cup of tea) and dark chocolate digestives whilst watching sister act 2

SALUTE! not quite....   close to navy..... need to practice methinks

See!!! more CHEEKY grins because nana had a Pen Moustache that kept dropping

which makes this little monster GIGGLE...
which makes the rest of the room GIGGLE and watch

HMM...  where did you get a chocky biscuit????
(she stole it of Nana)
we didn't see until she was half way through!

The BIG project.... 
getting Bigger.... Slowly....
It just covers Tilly....
But it is to cover HUBBY
and see the scrap balls waiting? (there's a couple more hidden)
 Still too full to have tea....  
may have some toast with Tilly later on...

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