Monday, 29 September 2014

sorry, not had Big slow running

Big slow has been in hiding for a few weeks.
so apologies that there has not been a Tilly/ Paddy fix
I have been  crocheting a little but have no pictures to show for that as of yet...
So Cheeky Tilly will have to show for now
Tilly having Daddy time over the weekend..
Tickles and raspberries   oh  and pillow fights that included all three of us at one point

A tilly drawing from a couple of weeks ago...
NO HELP at all with this one

A usual habit at the moment of pulling faces at the camera from a few days ago
A snoozing Tilly from Yesterday, waiting for fish and chips to cook... (loves white fish and peas  so no need to hide them YEY)
gorgeous damp pigtails

Remember that drawing? well this is what happens at nana's, colours get carried around I their tub, then they get decentered to the floor.
Tilly then decides to pick them all up and do it all again or leaves them all over the place leaving poor nana still finding them the day after we have left.

Tilly being very cheeky a couple of weeks ago
she has started telling people off and shouting HIYA to everyone.... or in a shy mood   waves to everyone then gives a cheeky grin

aftermath of a pillow fight. Full of smiles, just a shame her teeth want to push through so the dodey stays in the mouth unless there's food involved.

Nana's garden and mummy's juice bottle
It was a gorgeous warm day
and so we were inspecting Pop Pops gardening
(theres an area behind a fence that he has been working on to create raised patches of wild grasses and a seating area under the apple trees)
he has mentioned a possibility of a little wendy house next year for a certain little Tilly to Play in.
Well  My washamiene (washing machine) is  nearly done... 
 best finish folding up the dryers refreshed load