Wednesday, 4 July 2012

busy little bee

This is week 5 of my latest relief..... it is a quiet little pub, but there is pleanty to keep me going. I'm managing to get on with alittle bit of craft work  in between customers, who love watching me.

also Hunni Js parents are over for a brief stay. went out for lunch yesterday..... If they were over for alittle longer and I wasnt on relief, I would have seen what mum was up to... but unfortunatly... staying within range of the pub...... 80 hour weeks.... 46 hours worth on the weekend......  I'm surprised I havnt curled up in a heap yet.... i dont even get a lie in in the mornings because J wants to spend time with me...... I JUST WANT SLEEP...  and more than 1 day off in 6 weeks... zzZZzzZZzz..