Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Allez Up

Sitting  in the window watching the rain fall and everyone getting wet..... This will be day 2 of not going out....  good job we have plenty of paddy food and coffee (and other emanates)
Paddy started shuffling about on her hands and knees to find something other than an egg shell to bash about with.... she crawled about looking at blocks   teddies, cushions. She sat up right and looked around...... she spotted one of her toys sitting on the low toy box.... 
 that point I looked away to collect her finished midnight feast bottle..... 
Before I knew it  she had pulled herself up to sit on her knees and was reaching for the toy, pulled it down off of the box, leant down to get it  and was waving it about in victory.
she soon got board of it and chucked it to one side....

next thing I know  SHE's up on her feet nosily looking to see if there were any other toys in reach 
she must have been standing feet together for a good 45 seconds before looking at me worried, so I took a hand at a time and gently guided her to me and gave her a big cuddle telling her how good, clever and brave she was being.
Just thought I would share that with you.....

Monday, 30 December 2013

a little more done

its getting there slowly.... looks really long when spread on the floor.... there's 2 more shades of blue and then we will have the colour scheme set.
Managed it with a snoring Paddy on my shoulder, she didn't want to be anywhere else.

on Saturday, 2 new toy boxes arrived. Paddy has LOTS of toys, some Disney collectables too. We needed somewhere to keep all her things.... Paddy found being in a box was more fun than putting toys in them. 

Paddy has started to eat 7 month plus food
she gets better meals than me!
Chicken and veg mash.... roast lamb dinner, roast pork... beef stew..... veg lesagne and others too
oh and her new favorite pudding/ cereal.... Blueberry and pear.... which her face gets a lovely mess of purple 

Eggs.... "tap tap tap... " note to self... keep Paddy away from the tiles and window when she has hold of egg shells"
Mummy opens the tub for her, and she just tips the tub up bringing the shells and chicks crashing in a pile on the floor...

And then she decides mummy's new slippers are more interesting.....

This morning, we found Paddy waving out the window, no one there, just practicing for Nana mumbles next time she pops over for a cuppa'

Oh  and a new trick...
I didn't have the camera last night  (charging), but Paddy decided to pull herself Right up onto her feet against the sofa.
and today, couldn't muster the strength without Mummy.
so on video, we have mummy holding Paddy's hannies and Paddy hauling herself up with big smiles....  lots of cuddles and tickles in praise.

Friday, 27 December 2013


at last... It has been a busy week.
start with Sunday night.
After opening plenty of fantastic presents Paddy decided to play buck-a-roo with teddies by piling them on top of herself.......

"want a sweet?????   suck my feet!!!!!!"
"Want a banana? jump in the harbor".

Paddy giving of a cheeky giggle

Monday afternoon after 4 hours worth of trains a pub lunch and a fight with Popops and a big bag that she isn't aloud. Paddy

Christmas eve Morning, Paddy playing with a few toys she brought with her to play with.

Paddy Playing with her 1 present she chose to open a day early with help of daddy.
She is smarting a nana lou outfit. We love dungarees....

If you look carefully, you will see Southport pier just above the boat house on the other side of the lake........ it is 1 and 1/2 miles long. I didn't get to get another picture of it. as we didn't get much of a better look. but it is the view from the flat we were staying in

Christmas eve night's night ware....  the slippers didn't last long.... as you can see, they were already being attacked

Christmas Morning.
Mostly Paddy's ! about 8 of these that are on show were other peoples.... there were a few parcels out of view too

all these toys and she plays with a book....  Typical Paddy.... she soon figured out that some of her new toys could make noises....  then there was no peace......

bring bring bri....  ing 

There were not too many more than 40 swans sheltering behind the little brakewater during  stormy weather 

This beauty was sheltering happily behind one of the boat houses. she must be up and running in the summer months.

YUMMY roast pork dinner...., Paddy's eyes are soooo bright even if her dinner is all over her face.  She had an oaty crumble thing for pudding too...

Dinner must be gone... Paddy is aloud a toy at the table ( or her blue chair at home) when she has eaten like a good girl.
She also got LOTS of fuss off of all the staff and other Families that were joining us at Christmas Dinner

There was a beautiful tree to nose at when she wasn't paying attention to mummy and the books

a few toys being played with. those eggs...... yeah.... she has figured out that if you grab 2 shells and tap them against each other or other things  they make noise...... it only took 20 minutes....  

Boxing day morning....  what a grump. Paddy did not want to get up. But we were going exploring in the car. then go for lunch.

this is what paddy did whilst we drove around and had lunch. infact  between meals and milk snacks...  this is much of her day.. not in the mood to play.

ah. this afternoon. very tired  and ready for the last of 3 trains home...Paddy was soon asleep.
we had been on the move since 9 am all 3 trains were on sunday services, all delayed due to weather   and all the trains were packed...  just managed to get us on.
we got home at about  3pm  alittle wet... cold  and sore footed....  Molei is in bed.... Paddy is in bed.....   just me awake..... just till I finnish my post. and will follow....
OO   did I mention?? Mum and hubby will be over from Friday 10th till sunday 12th Jan.
It will be the first time They see more than just pictures of Paddy since she was just a couple of weeks old.
Crochet wise... I managed another row...  this evening whilst Paddy got reacquainted with her territory. she has been out of sorts being in a strange place these last few days. but as soon as she found a few old favorite toys... there was no stopping her until it was time for tea and then again till bed, which is where I am going......  NIGHT 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

I stopped where I was.

Paddy had a look at the Blankie and Claimed it! She loves it that much she snuggled into it gripping it tight and fell asleep cuddling it and Mummy last night

Paddy..... Little Munchkin.... Looking at mummy as if to say "you just disturbed me.... "
She was scrutinizing her book that has 3 buttons on it..... a ticking clock, some footsteps  and a duck....
I have recently heard what myself and my Mum (manxgirl) said when my Nana was Alive....
"when you tell her off you sound like a duck"
Thanks..... and also Paddy is being taught to press the duck button when Daddy asks "which one is mummy??"
Oh dear.

Anyways....  Here's Paddy clutching Her blanket... It must be the texture. She has a few Woolen (crochet) blankets from Nana Lou (manxgirl) that she grips to too.

Mummy is filling in a hole. Playtime consists of "no... come back"," Get off that!" and " WHAT are you doing??????" we are looking for a decent play pen or a long gate. for behind the sofa (where her den was the other day) ... that way she can't get into mischief if mummy and daddy are busy.

Getting Confident. she fell and bumped her head just after the picture was taken...   as you would expect  lots of clinging to mummy for a while and then back to play almost as if nothing happened.

Last night   Father Christmas had a slightly early visit. We are going away tomorrow  (as long as the weather holds off till tomorrow afternoon).
She opened an array of  clothes and cuddly toys... a birth certificate scroll and charm bracelet (which is a girly family tradition) from Nana Lou. Oh and a rain maker thingy....
She will open the rest on Wednesday.

This morning after Opening these Lovely items instead of playing with her toys.... The window and mummy's crochet bag seemed to be more fun than mauling her new teddies and rain maker....
Anyways. Last night I started a new project.....  Its about the same length as a king size bed duvet/ blanket. so if it ends up as wide as one... we will see and it will keep me and Molei cozy.....depending on how long it takes me to finish.
its a zig zag but its all over the place....  so some zags are bigger than zigs and vise verse.
4 rows done.
Before I put the zig Zags in it measured to about 110 inches in length approximately
that's nearly 3 meters long.....

Friday, 20 December 2013

just a little bit more....

... thought, Whilst Paddy is happily playing ..... well   thrashing her doll around the room.... I would show you a few more rows worth of blanket......   I think I  tallied approximately 25 rows (20 of them being the Length border) and a full round to finish left to do and it will be finished.... It is already over a meter in length... so it is the biggest thing I have made yet.... before that it was an A4 sized handbag in 2 panels and an over sholder handle.
Anyways   Here it is...
Between the purple and Magenta stripes  there is a baby pink stripe amongst the white too... it isn't so visible to camera.
sitting comfy.... Paddy is snoozing on the sofa to the right so a few rows won't hurt.

This is so far......   1 row of colour left to do then white for the rest of these 2 sides...  then the same but on the length...
Feel free to leave a comment. Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome for future projects...  or even project Ideas... I'm starting to get a little more on the confident side of hooking

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

you may want to grab a cuppa.........

Tuesday morning, we popped out to see Nana Mumbles and her friend who lives a 15 minute bus ride away and here is Paddy before we leave Smarting a Lovely outfit Daddy chose and bought for her a few weeks ago.
Paddy slept through half of it, but I don't expect much else.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" apparently as she waves her rattle around bringing it crashing onto her tray repetitively.
Lunch wasn't here quick enough I don't think.
Every day she is becoming more and more Vocal.
we're sure to have heard "hiya!" But sure it must have been wishful thinking.
Bad weather for the rest of Tuesday (yesterday) and today...... So there was no chance of Paddy and I going ANYWHERE!!
So  pajamas, lots of cuddles and play time.
You might see, if you squint, the shape of a Paddy and I in the reflection watching the rain.
We often sit in the floor to ceiling windows watching the world go by, rain, shine, wind and "blues'n'twos" (emergency services).... It  is a main road, so you can imagine how busy it gets, especially at peak times.

Paddy, and the usual "bink bink bink. Oops try again...." with a Slam of the lid shut. And an "AWWEEEEEEM" in frustration.
Molei and I think she is going to be a technology buff of sorts, Constantly getting into anything that makes noise and lights, anything that has buttons....  Oh  and Daddy's paper work...!!

After lunch, she decided to chew on everything....... "must be her teeth..".... so a RUSK was broken up and a piece was given to her.... She demolished it, Apart from what was ALL over her hands, face, chair and baby grow...  good job, the washing machine was due to start shortly after.

Meet Reighn the Reindeer. Nana Mumble decided to get him for Paddy. He has been Pillaged by Paddy and thrown around and drop kicked by Molei already.... But I think he is cute.
Apart from a few cards and a LARGE pile of colourful Parcels for Paddy, it is the Christmas Decorations this year as we are going away.
I assure you Next year we will be Decorated all nice.
This morning, I put Paddy down to play and went to make myself a cuppa........
...... This is what I came back to
"What you doin'?"
In reply all I could see was the mass wriggling around and a pair of legs kicking, All I could hear was the repetitive songs of her remote control... "1 7 1 1 9 2 1 3 0 2 1 pressing buttons is such fun"..
and an "eeeeeh".
I lift up the blanket to see the cheeky grin and more kicking.
"oooooookayyyyyy... " time to put the blanket back down..... and go and sit down.
Must be snack time. A bottle of milk later and this is the Expression given to me in what I am sure is SATISFACTION.
Whilst Paddy plays happily with her blankets, laptop, remote control and draws on the window (monkey)... the washing machine is taking off and the living room WAS tidy.
Feet up, Cuppa cooling a little and C beebies on the telly for little eyes to watch.
Ah, a little hooking won't hurt....

After a couple of rows it was time for Paddy's nap and the washing was ready for the tumble dryer...then carried on whilst Zzzs were being caught
Todays management was a little more than this.... there's a pale pink stripe on both ends and a dark pink stripe added now with white between them Then Paddy woke up.
 this evening Again "bink bink bink....."  and determined to break the mouse (but hasn't yet)
she is presently rolling about, cuddling one of mummy's cussions and trying to figure out if I am watching her. She wants to get to places she isn't aloud.

My star Candle. It has a rainbow of wax inside so as it burns pretty colours trickle down the sides.
It does get a little hypnotic.
Oh yes, Several Parcels have been arriving from ALL over the show.... My mum (manx girl), Dad and my aunt who lives in Essex.
Paddy is spoilt with LOTS of clothes and some toys. Not including the Collection Molei and I have Gathered into a suitcase to take with us on Monday.
Also. MUM and her Hubby are coming over for a weekend in January, They will see Paddy for the first time since July.
Also My aunt from Essex, her Hubby and her Baby Boy (a few weeks younger than Paddy) will be coming up too.
Must get thinking of things to do....   It's going to be tooo busy in town with the sales 
Play Barn for the littlies?? and maybe a Pub Lunch the the biggies....??? 
We will see...