Wednesday, 18 December 2013

you may want to grab a cuppa.........

Tuesday morning, we popped out to see Nana Mumbles and her friend who lives a 15 minute bus ride away and here is Paddy before we leave Smarting a Lovely outfit Daddy chose and bought for her a few weeks ago.
Paddy slept through half of it, but I don't expect much else.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" apparently as she waves her rattle around bringing it crashing onto her tray repetitively.
Lunch wasn't here quick enough I don't think.
Every day she is becoming more and more Vocal.
we're sure to have heard "hiya!" But sure it must have been wishful thinking.
Bad weather for the rest of Tuesday (yesterday) and today...... So there was no chance of Paddy and I going ANYWHERE!!
So  pajamas, lots of cuddles and play time.
You might see, if you squint, the shape of a Paddy and I in the reflection watching the rain.
We often sit in the floor to ceiling windows watching the world go by, rain, shine, wind and "blues'n'twos" (emergency services).... It  is a main road, so you can imagine how busy it gets, especially at peak times.

Paddy, and the usual "bink bink bink. Oops try again...." with a Slam of the lid shut. And an "AWWEEEEEEM" in frustration.
Molei and I think she is going to be a technology buff of sorts, Constantly getting into anything that makes noise and lights, anything that has buttons....  Oh  and Daddy's paper work...!!

After lunch, she decided to chew on everything....... "must be her teeth..".... so a RUSK was broken up and a piece was given to her.... She demolished it, Apart from what was ALL over her hands, face, chair and baby grow...  good job, the washing machine was due to start shortly after.

Meet Reighn the Reindeer. Nana Mumble decided to get him for Paddy. He has been Pillaged by Paddy and thrown around and drop kicked by Molei already.... But I think he is cute.
Apart from a few cards and a LARGE pile of colourful Parcels for Paddy, it is the Christmas Decorations this year as we are going away.
I assure you Next year we will be Decorated all nice.
This morning, I put Paddy down to play and went to make myself a cuppa........
...... This is what I came back to
"What you doin'?"
In reply all I could see was the mass wriggling around and a pair of legs kicking, All I could hear was the repetitive songs of her remote control... "1 7 1 1 9 2 1 3 0 2 1 pressing buttons is such fun"..
and an "eeeeeh".
I lift up the blanket to see the cheeky grin and more kicking.
"oooooookayyyyyy... " time to put the blanket back down..... and go and sit down.
Must be snack time. A bottle of milk later and this is the Expression given to me in what I am sure is SATISFACTION.
Whilst Paddy plays happily with her blankets, laptop, remote control and draws on the window (monkey)... the washing machine is taking off and the living room WAS tidy.
Feet up, Cuppa cooling a little and C beebies on the telly for little eyes to watch.
Ah, a little hooking won't hurt....

After a couple of rows it was time for Paddy's nap and the washing was ready for the tumble dryer...then carried on whilst Zzzs were being caught
Todays management was a little more than this.... there's a pale pink stripe on both ends and a dark pink stripe added now with white between them Then Paddy woke up.
 this evening Again "bink bink bink....."  and determined to break the mouse (but hasn't yet)
she is presently rolling about, cuddling one of mummy's cussions and trying to figure out if I am watching her. She wants to get to places she isn't aloud.

My star Candle. It has a rainbow of wax inside so as it burns pretty colours trickle down the sides.
It does get a little hypnotic.
Oh yes, Several Parcels have been arriving from ALL over the show.... My mum (manx girl), Dad and my aunt who lives in Essex.
Paddy is spoilt with LOTS of clothes and some toys. Not including the Collection Molei and I have Gathered into a suitcase to take with us on Monday.
Also. MUM and her Hubby are coming over for a weekend in January, They will see Paddy for the first time since July.
Also My aunt from Essex, her Hubby and her Baby Boy (a few weeks younger than Paddy) will be coming up too.
Must get thinking of things to do....   It's going to be tooo busy in town with the sales 
Play Barn for the littlies?? and maybe a Pub Lunch the the biggies....??? 
We will see...

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