Friday, 20 December 2013

just a little bit more....

... thought, Whilst Paddy is happily playing ..... well   thrashing her doll around the room.... I would show you a few more rows worth of blanket......   I think I  tallied approximately 25 rows (20 of them being the Length border) and a full round to finish left to do and it will be finished.... It is already over a meter in length... so it is the biggest thing I have made yet.... before that it was an A4 sized handbag in 2 panels and an over sholder handle.
Anyways   Here it is...
Between the purple and Magenta stripes  there is a baby pink stripe amongst the white too... it isn't so visible to camera.
sitting comfy.... Paddy is snoozing on the sofa to the right so a few rows won't hurt.

This is so far......   1 row of colour left to do then white for the rest of these 2 sides...  then the same but on the length...
Feel free to leave a comment. Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome for future projects...  or even project Ideas... I'm starting to get a little more on the confident side of hooking

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