Sunday, 22 December 2013

I stopped where I was.

Paddy had a look at the Blankie and Claimed it! She loves it that much she snuggled into it gripping it tight and fell asleep cuddling it and Mummy last night

Paddy..... Little Munchkin.... Looking at mummy as if to say "you just disturbed me.... "
She was scrutinizing her book that has 3 buttons on it..... a ticking clock, some footsteps  and a duck....
I have recently heard what myself and my Mum (manxgirl) said when my Nana was Alive....
"when you tell her off you sound like a duck"
Thanks..... and also Paddy is being taught to press the duck button when Daddy asks "which one is mummy??"
Oh dear.

Anyways....  Here's Paddy clutching Her blanket... It must be the texture. She has a few Woolen (crochet) blankets from Nana Lou (manxgirl) that she grips to too.

Mummy is filling in a hole. Playtime consists of "no... come back"," Get off that!" and " WHAT are you doing??????" we are looking for a decent play pen or a long gate. for behind the sofa (where her den was the other day) ... that way she can't get into mischief if mummy and daddy are busy.

Getting Confident. she fell and bumped her head just after the picture was taken...   as you would expect  lots of clinging to mummy for a while and then back to play almost as if nothing happened.

Last night   Father Christmas had a slightly early visit. We are going away tomorrow  (as long as the weather holds off till tomorrow afternoon).
She opened an array of  clothes and cuddly toys... a birth certificate scroll and charm bracelet (which is a girly family tradition) from Nana Lou. Oh and a rain maker thingy....
She will open the rest on Wednesday.

This morning after Opening these Lovely items instead of playing with her toys.... The window and mummy's crochet bag seemed to be more fun than mauling her new teddies and rain maker....
Anyways. Last night I started a new project.....  Its about the same length as a king size bed duvet/ blanket. so if it ends up as wide as one... we will see and it will keep me and Molei cozy.....depending on how long it takes me to finish.
its a zig zag but its all over the place....  so some zags are bigger than zigs and vise verse.
4 rows done.
Before I put the zig Zags in it measured to about 110 inches in length approximately
that's nearly 3 meters long.....

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