Monday, 28 April 2014

Pictures I didnt know We had

Paddy went to bed for a snooze.....
And so, Mooching . rough pictures sorting through folders (to put onto external hard drive as I am running out of room on laptop), I Find some pictures in Molei's profile, some I didn't know about.
I'm sure he won't mind me showing you..... they will be going on the hard drive too.
This is the first time I hold Paddy.
It's hard to believe she was that small and I was that big... (I've lost a lot of weight since Paddy was born)

Daddy's close up.
Daddy helped a lot in both the induction ward and Post natal wards.
As I was hooked up To the observation moministers a lot (in the induction ward) and made sure I was rested and well fed in both... (I hate having to sit still, I like to keep my mind occupied... And its hard to sleep in a hospital)

Boxing day morning!
Ugh...... Enough said!
A recent picture. 
Paddy fell asleep eating last week.
Poor thing xxxx.

we put the couch as a bed at night for when paddy has a bad night.
this way we don't disturb poor molei
 so this is paddy after a rough night, 

A call from nana Lou

Yesterday Morning, There was a surprise!
Mum called on Skype from New Zealand to say hello to Paddy.
Lots of smiles, Giggles and ticklish toes on view as I followed Paddy around the living room with my tablet.
Paddy and I had another special treat too....
Molei made it! 
It didn't last.... both plates nice and clean
"Sorry Nana" is the usual comment as I lick the plate clean and winked at faith as I say
"Where is it then?  I didn't get any!"
And in the afternoon,
We popped down to Nana Mumbles to play Poor Popops up...
No one can make him laugh Like Paddy.

And a long awaited picture of "The girls"
I'm Off to play!
Paddy is Attacking the laptop again!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

I promiced pictures!

I've managed to grab the time and patience for starting slowpoke whilst paddy bounces and dances about in the kitchen doorway as the washing machine  spins away and Led Zepplin sounds off at full blast....
Mum has already seen most of these at least
Now  these photos are a little mixed up.... so my apologies if my commentary is all over the place...
Here is paddy showing off to the outside world one of her two skirt dungarees
she also has a butterfly shorts pair too...

Easter Sunday... And paddy's First Easter egg... it no longer exists   but her other one is still sitting waiting

Paddy's starting to enjoy the garden at Nana Mumbles. On nice days we sit out in the sun for a little while. She has found the foxes. but once it moved under her strength, it spooked her a little.

Nothing better than Mummy cuddles.
Theres always time for a cuddle

Harlequin Baby! sitting in the sun reading her books.

Snoopy Covered and reading books whilst mummy sorts toys and teddies into temporary toy bags (her boxes got clambered all over and broke)

I told her to sit still......   This is how she was most comfy.....

Pinching Popop's cap.....

her play ring...  Didn't last long...  its noisy and got let back down.

Here she is again playing in the garden under the shade of the Elderberry tree.

trying to attack the camera!

Scotch Kiss mummy in the face... as you know, rare to have me in these pictures!

In the middle of sorting the living room out.... HOW much ROOM does a LITTLE girl need to play in?

little smiles for mummy with her bunny top on

Camped out in front of mummy's seat... After tantruming that Mummy put her in a dress

Playing Hide and Seek

more reading......

Pretty in pink! as much as she looks gorgeous in dresses.... She would rather jeans or leggings and a top.

Trying to be cute when she knows she is in trouble.

More hide and seek.

Nana Mumble's Garden from Ben's Bench

Playing in her castle!!!!!
Must go.. Paddy getting grouchy....

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

trying to load pictures on tablet is driving me mad!

It let's me select them, but not load even one up.

So, until either it loads a picture or I get slowpoke laptop up and running... I'm going to be a grump.... I have smiles to load ... Pure ordered by mum... 

Friday, 18 April 2014

blogging from my tablet...!

And it is a little more time consuming.
And proving difficult to load pictures.

Mum is settling well in NZ, but still awaiting her crate of crafty goodies and furniture.. The new house looks a little bare...

There's only one thing with NZ. Poor Paddy is asleep when Nana Lou is on skype and so, lots of smiles via photos... Will put some on next time I have my laptop on.. It takes an age to wake up..