Thursday, 31 July 2014

Paddy and daddy are having some time together

these last few weeks, Molei has been working longer and harder than normal...  so  this is week 4 and he has a DAY OFF as well as the usual Saturday and Sunday (which he often spends a days worth studying).
So this morning Daddy has taken Paddy for a stroll and train into town for a couple of hous...  gives me a chance to have a shower without having to listen for Paddy in her bed or getting pestered with low flying ducks into the shower!
Anyways    thought I would show you how far my crochet has got....  and some baking...  OH  and a little Paddy  as always.
Here we go....  Expansion is good... the more I make  the bigger it will be ..... well that's the plan

Scrummy Scones with NO SUGAR....

Paddy in the local play area...
unfortunately it is SUMMER HOLIDAY time  so it has been too busy for paddy and I to venture there much recently..
Lots of children's fairs, bouncy castles, bring and buys....
so tends to be PACKED.. So decided, whilst it is very hot and very busy, we will go occasionally , nice and early in the morning, before I pop to the shop ... this way she can sleep in the buggie after a play.

Teaching Paddy to climb stairs (she won't go up on her own unless its the sofas at home or nana's stairs)
And holding her hannies on the way down the slide...
Big smiles All around...
And gorgeous grins too

Monday, 28 July 2014

There has been crochet... honest....

Ive been too tired in the evenings to get my crochet out... usually that bad that I am going to bed the moment Paddy is snoozing!
Paddy and I haven't been sleeping too well in all this heat... Well Paddy hasn't... But it is me that gets up to tend to her at night... and she is definitely practicing for the terrible 2s....
Anyways.... some PRETTY DRESS pictures and all round GORGEOUS little girl pictures....
apologies that they are a little muddled
Snoozing.... the comforts of cat napping in baby form

see how she nuzzled as close to mummy as physically possible... and drops off from stare mode so DIGNIFIED    (laughs)

yummy first go at CHOW MAIN... she wanted to eat it with hands... I suppose that way she can eat it in her own steam....  spoons,  forks and food still end up on the floor 

Snoozing in  her pretty butterfly dress...  There was a nice cool breeze just at the right angle for her to enjoy... was too hot all day
Faith has a thing for mummy's teddies....  here is two about to get PILLAGED.. poor Bertie gets got too (nana Margaret's teddy)...  "why do you want mummy's teddies?  you have pleanty of your own!"

Ready to pop to shops... sun cream on and in her NEW BUGGIE... the other one is too big for me to carry up and down the stairs..

Yesterday! little monkey and myself having a right giggle before bed...  Ticke monster and "funny words" setting her off into a giggle fit like ....
corn on the cob
Foxy lady
stinky feet (as you pretend to smell her feet and go) POOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
PooPoo Platter (as in sushi)
a few others too
oh and small impersonations of DROP DEAD FRED....
I'm not a slave driver, Honest!
she has her own pink cloth for when mummy is cleaning... so she can "help".
I hadn't long finished washing the insides of the windows, Paddy thought they weren't clean enough obviously...

MMMMMM   ice lolly, though  still finds it too cold to have one for herself.. this was her 3rd try this summer.

Paddy and her new friend ELMER causing mischief with wires behind the coffee table....  little monster

sitting, checking emails and playing a sneaky game of tetris ... I suddenly grew an extra head.
I remaned myself... Zaphod Beeblebrox for all you hitch hikers guide to the galaxy fans out there

And here she is playing in her dress MUM (manxgirl) bought when she was here in Brum in January... what a fight to get her out of the dress and into a vest for bed...
so there we go   a little photo catch up....
Im off to finnish the dishes and make myself a cuppa whilst paddy snoozes

Monday, 7 July 2014

happy as always...

I'm having one of those days I wish she would slow down.
But she won't keep her shoes on to go for a little walk outside...
She has a little lady bird bag with a reign on so we can walk out and about short distances... so far  only bare footed around nana's garden!
Speak of the Paddy.......just going to pop her in her bed...  rubbing eyes beyond belief...  Naptime before 9 am? Payback for the 2 am wakeup call
Cheeky grins and watching cartoons???
sort of.
she has a 2 minute attention span.... soon as she has noticed mummy has wondered off to do a job... she follows and gets under my feet..

here she is "winking" with a mouth stuffed with toast in reply to mummy winking

Ready and off to see Nana... sandals are already off and try again in a minute
This was a little bit of fun and cuddles last night... look at them teethy pegz!!!!
there are 8 now.... and 2 more thinking of coming through

Haha... Mummy was pulling faces.... Paddy tried to copy...
Grumps Tony (Nana Lou's (my mum) hubby ) does that face best

Paddy and mummy Selfie...

More fun from yesterday... Causing Havoc...
what we do best....
Being cute, playing dress up!

the evenings, touch wood, have been better for me to play a little... 3 nights a week I will have a little go on this, if not, I'm glued to my sims' game on my tablet...
I took that picture last night.... bit have managed to create another 4 without the white
Right, washing Miene (washing machine ) is finished....  off to put the best part in the tumbley and any that cant go in is off to the clothes horse!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

a whole year

Tomorrow (Monday), little padded bum will be a year old!

She already has her main present, because faith follows mummy and daddy everywhere and can't hide anything this big

A pram!
Will put pictures up soon....

For now, here's the little monkey causing mischief with her smelly toes!

 Smelly toes!!!!!
We have a ccontortionist amongst us... I used to be able to do this....... Till I had paddy
She reacted to my 

Cheeky grin for the camera knowing smiles means mummy gives her cuddles.

"Want a sweet??? Sniff my feet!!"
Then you wontwon't want said sweets

apparently helping!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Something different

Instead of Pulling the bag I have been working on apart.
I have put it to a side and decided to start a blanket.... bigger than the purple and pink one!
Just to keep my options open .
Please excuse my little size 3 feet in the shot, I forgot to crop them out!
It was decided to finish one end off before carrying on with the rest, though I may keep it zigzag, which look rather nice also.
The colours here are a mossy green, dark brown, tan and a couple of different shades of creamy colours.
Warm and cozy looking I hope..
The weather here hasn't been too good, so no playtime in Nana Mumbles Garden
But doesn't stop me from taking pictures of Paddy!
On June 9th (9 sleeps)
Our baby girl will be A WHOLE YEAR OLD!
how these 12 months have flown... and is growing into an awesome and intelligent little character
this is when she was a day old....
....a few months old....
("I'm not listening!")
To this curly topped, mad hatter of a cheeky monkey....
And just as cuddly

ready to pop into town and meet Nana for a spot of lunch
Hair in a ponytail included. looks like a bun.

cuddling up to mummy and her new coat when it was nearly time to go out
Paddy's strawberry hat!

snuggling up to mummy for books
"the hooded Faith"
and how much fun it is to sit and play with a biro pen when not crocheting
mum Finally gets her belongings from the UK.
so  Sewing Machines, fabrics, Wool, needles and threads... And the rest of Oliver House that she was able to salvage and keep (nana M's house)
So there will be a lot more happening in the world of Manxgirl


Monday, 26 May 2014

A bit further

Here we are... one full panel done..... still a little way to go.
other news.... Here's a Cheeky Monkey!
"Fee Fi Foe Fumb, I smell the fillings of a Paddy's bum" 

"Ok mum, be right there, just finish this text!"

look at that! one in a million!
mummy cuddles ( about to tickle her )

She likes sitting in the window.....

Tickle monster attacks (daddy)

this has to be a new favorite photo!

this is another new favorite... toothy grin

gorgeous girl

Attacking mummy's feet
"agh It Tickles"

A new Hat....  her toy box at nana's

Nana's doylies being used as hats too!

"Hello daddy, are you there??"

"where's he gone?"

I see you!
Paddy / daddy time is funny to watch! I love it
Different every time