Friday, 21 August 2015

busy bees

As you well know, having a toddler can be rather busy work...  but between attempting to keep our home tidy, Tilly occupied and a bit of crafting here and there...
Poor Daddy (molei)'s Diabetes has been playing him up. Insulin is burning up any energy he has so doesn't have chance to play as much as he would like to. (type 1)
We hope to have Daddy on an insulin pump by Christmas... as Mummy is just as tired as Daddy now running around after a certain cheeky Tilly.
As well as that.. Mummy is thinking of going back into the PUB TRADE as a manager again.. (hope to get a live in pub so Tilly is near by). and Also going to tackle a degree in Psychology... eek....
So a busy household...  It is all starting to get on top of me (want to better myself ).. as everyone knows I have trouble writing, notes, essays and "important letters" at the best of times... and often get panicy.. (on average it takes me an hour to write and type what most can in 15 minutes) when people are dictating or we are to write notes when people talk  often people have to repeat a couple of times and with note taking from books I have to read 2x before I take notes as I read again (if any of that makes sense) so this will be interesting.
When it comes to my blog, it is a little easier but still takes me twice as long as any body else to type anything out.
Anyways onto the fun stuff!!!
As usual  there is no order to these so Apologies....
Tilly in the park (about to give mummy her dodey) doing the wiggle bum chicken dance that she does all too well

A tilly masterpiece using the back of a plastic spoon a sponge and a finger
(trying to use things other than paintbrushes for different patterns and textures) there were bubbles in the sponge too at one point (needed cleaning and forgot to rinse the bubbles out)

Hair back looking ever so adorable and cheeky. And she knows it!
her new hiding place is behind the curtain by the small sofa when she knows mummy is chasing her about.

Running around Nannys garden like a Tiddly bear... one step two step  MUMMY TICKLES UNDER THERE!!!
of course hiding places chosen by Tilly aren't as good as she thinks.

Tilly also Loves "helping" in the garden by making mud pies... putting bits nanny hands her into the bucket, picking up gravel or dropped apples  and putting them in a different bucket, standing and deligating to Poppops  or attempting to move the wheel barrow...

An extra early Christmas pressy (more to come too)
Nanny and Poppops Neighbour lives right next door in a disabled bungalow.
He had a serious stroke and doesn't have quite as much energy, patience or dexterity as he would like.. He knits  sometimes crochets and has a sewing machine too...  and was having a clear out!
We often natter about what we are up to over the fence and swap ideas.
In the makings of a blanket for him to say thankyou.(as it would take him 3 times longer to make)

TILLYS BIG GIRL BED  she loves sitting on it during the day reading her books (its hard to get her out of the bedroom sometimes)
bedtime comes around she is aloud an hour or sitting and reading in her bed before we say time to sleep.. (daddy is favorite to sit with her at bedtime as long as mummy sits on her bed and reads(studies ect)... only daddy can manage to get her to sleep at the moment.

Another tilly work. This time with an old fork, fingers and a sponge

And this one is pure fingers and spoon

pinching nannys grape.

Aftermath of painting..... there was more in the bath than on the paper!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

9 days till a certian little Monster is 2 years old

We have been busy....
now the summer days are upon us, Tilly and I have been a busy pair, lots of walks (buggy as well as reigns)...  there has been drawing, painting.... crocheting and planning for Pops fathers day card are in progress.. (I'm going to get some stick for what has been scribbled out in rough ready for final drawings.... something to do with  seeing hearing and speaking GNOME  evil).... oops..
It is already 8:00 here... been up since 5 ish..... and already halfway through the days jobs....
whilst having a Tea break.....  I thought I'd show the best pictures off...
as always  a little jumbled up...
Lets start like most mornings.....
Tilly wakes up at 4, gets given dodey and usually goes back to sleep...
This acts as Daddy's alarm clock for work so we get up  and I can get on with one or two quieter jobs  and sometimes can get back in bed after daddy has left even if its for 10 minutes.

As it is coming up to Tilly's Birthday and  Hiding places are hard to find when this little Madam knows all the knooks and best hiding places...
So  she got her new BIKE early...
She was heart broken to find that the bike is for when she is at her Nanny's House when we had to go home.
She will love going to Nanny's local park on it.

Smiles for Nanny.
All Nanny's are FUNNY.. and what a whopper of a toothy smile...
I was instructed to get as many DODEYLESS smiles as I could as it is rare to catch Tilly without one.

Our first LONG  walk on Reigns only
It started out that we were only going to go as far as the shops, but we had nothing to Hurry home with. I asked Tilly which way she would like to find some Ducks and she chose Left which took us to the Canal instead of Right which would have taken us to the Park and lake.
she walked all the way down  and along the canal to Bourneville train station (the stretch of canal is not much more than a mile and the route down to the canal is about a mile and a half from home).
We waved at every duck ( about 6) and every Barge (2... one was named SENIOR MOMENT with a pair of gorgeous dogs and an elder gent waving and grinning back ). Oh  we cant forget the TRAINS... Tilly loves those.... (2 local and a fast train heading to town from Hereford) as we were going up the ramp towards the bridge heading home...
at the top  Tilly took a little tumble... and mummy carried her home ... she fell asleep on mummy's shoulder.

Ah, MUD PIES next to her rose bush.

One of My little Fascinators  that I have been happily making

Yesterday!! Tilly had her first Hair cut...
She was not impressed but Mummy was impressed with how well behaved she was....
just an inch off each layer... so she can keep her beautiful curls. The man that cut her hair was truly amazed at the colour and length of a not even 2 year old.. and was in more shock at seeing a picture from when she was born in proof of how much hair she had then too.

Tillys Birthday Present of Mummy and Daddy is her Kitchen and all food. and as we go Mummy has been making accessories (oven mitts and tea towels ect.)
she loves it. Pop Pop bought her a little kettle and toaster too... plenty of tea and toast to go round.

Tilly's progression with holding her crayons is Fantastic.. Little Leftie! and she tries so hard to copy mummy drawing shapes... not quite yet....

A "hippy" bag that I made recently

Tillys Multitude of accessories and food for her kitchen!...
I spend half an hour tidying everything away in their boxes, draws( and fridge / dishwasher compartments) most days.

These little Fishies for Pop's reading students he works with at a local school. They are heading for a bigger school and wanted to give them something unique to say goodbye.
Red and orange is for a Liverpool football fan...
red and white is for an Arsenal football Fan..
And Bluey is the Girlie fish for a young lady who hopefully gets exactly what she asked for... LIPS... EYELASHES and BLUE.
loved Making them.

HAHA    tilly has been let loose with paint at home!
there is no stopping her now.
trying a little right handed work.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

10th Time lucky

Lets Go Picture Crazy

Lets start with the walk from yesterday

Here she is walking down to the quiet road that leads to the shops
(wouldn't dare walk all the way down on the main road unless she is in her buggy
This is the Grass where she carried on walking down to the gate and got picked up on the way back
The gate into the park

Greeting some ducks before turning left to go around the pond

Behind that dodey there is a cheeky grin and rather awsome cackling happening

Her lady bird bag...  the lead has been taken off so that she doesn't trip on it
One Konked Tilly... too tired to keep her eyes open any longer... poor tyke.
Back to randoms over the last few weeks

Being Bonkers... there is no point in asking faith to smile...  we have to mimic Stitch (lilo and stitch) at the moment  to get a smile or grin for photos...
Though, ask her to pull funny faces.... that's more fun.

Mothers day cards.
Tried to get them both as similar as possible
and mums is on its way to NZ in the next few weeks ready for Southern Hemisphere Mothers day. 

Just woken up smiles for mummy with "ahs" (ta) for lunch


Mr. Jamaican Humming bird



Mr. Woodpecker.. who needs finnnishing



face down panned out.... snoring could be heard


nearly skinny tummy! in new dress with Tilly looking up the skirt

Mr. Heron by far my favorite so far


mummy drew a chick and a bunny on the card ... Tilly wanted me to...the rest was all up to Tilly



bloody computer will put pictures up as sooon as I can... Promice

Well I have managed to get big slow started up and onto the internet....
but for some reason I can't get onto the site that I put my photos on so I can show you what Tilly and I have been up to...

I can tell you I have managed to get some painting done....... Mum will agree to that, she has seen a couple of the pictures,
and that Tilly is getting SOOOO GROWN UP.

Yesterday Tilly and I walked from home  to the shops on her lady bird lead (harness doubling up as a little bag big enough to put a teddy or treat in) around the shops and half way backup the same road...(managing about 2 miles before wanting a carry)
I carried her from there to a patch of grass not far from the near by park and let her show me the way to the park...... so    over the grass.... through a gate... took the path  around the Pond the long way.. greeting all the ducks (about 20 of them), Canadian geese (about 15 of them.. bloody pests trying to follow), and moorhens as we go.....(another mile there about)
She had a 20 minute play in the play area and 15 minutes worth of it were going up steps and down a slide repetitively  ALL ON HER OWN.... I didn't even get a chance to put my handbag down.
we then sat down for a cuddle and some juice and a natter about what to have for lunch..
Soon It was time to go... she walked from the play area down and round the short way at the pond... and stopped at the grass...(not even1/2 a mile not including the running about at the play area).
Finally she was tired....
I carried her to the front door of the flat... she wanted down so she could walk in and up the stairs... through our door and straight to the TV... after her lunch she had a good 2 hour kip...

Today...  This morning   she has TV....  this afternoon  we visit  Nana Mumbles and Popop's for tea.
It is Mine and Hubby's 2nd Wedding Anniversary. we get to meet him there and then, when he has to go to Air cadets to teach the Kids Banner Parade Tilly and I will camp out in the Living room to watch a movie  and get ready for bed.....  (even I will be asleep before hubby gets home tonight)

Right, off to try and sign into where the pictures are again....  if it doesn't do it.... I'll cry.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mums and tots and cheeky goings on

Tilly has started a stay and play group (Mondays and/ or Wednesdays and Fridays)
but no pictures of there due to child/parent/ carer confidentiality

but we have a cheeky monkey that likes the birdy song....

"with a little bit of this".. yes the little chirpy bird  hand gesture
"and a little bit of that"... close enough to little flapping wings
"and shake your bum"... yes the bum is wiggling, but hands are behind the head  almost like a sexy dancer
"and clap your hands" ... if she can be bothered

ah to be a 21 month old..... she cracks me up when she dances and of course, MUMMY HAS TO JOIN IN TOOO.

On the study front.... just put assignment 2 in.
assignment one was a beautiful Pass...

I hope in the next few days I can mooch through some photos and put them up too..
including a crochet jellyfish and fish named Freddie that Tilly seems to have pinched

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Growing up too quick and finnishing a project

As ever, there is no order to pictures....
My apologies..
But a study break is in order.
A diploma in Health and social care...
just typing up assignment One... (ugh I hate the assignment writing bit)
More on that when I get into it a little deeper...
Tilly's Piggie Tials
We are managing to sit still for just a little longer so mummy can brush and plait hair

soo beautiful to brush. We may need a trim soon, but I know she won't sit still for a hair dresser just yet.  Maybe try my trick of CRAYONS and paper?

Cheeky ! managing to press buttons on mummy's tablet to take" selfies "and unlock the tablet.

Tilly has Jobs....
She chooses when to help (she is only little). there are  days she doesn't want to help at all
jobs include:
Tidying toys away
Helping mummy put her own washing in the washing machine
help mummy put wet washing into the tumble dryer and out of tumble dryer to be folded by mummy
and put her dirty nappy and pack of wipes in their homes (bin and cupboard)
Yes she gets paid... In white chocolate buttons and pennies (5p per job in her big tin then when we see a toy she likes   we may get it when she has enough)

It had been snowing a little.... but rain takes over half way to the point of having anything to play with...
Tilly still hasn't played in snow.
This shot was a fluke...
We weren't expecting an ambulance to go screaming by (didn't start its whirling till outside the flat)

At nana's in Jammies... pinched Pop pops cushion
we saw no point in changing her if she was comfortable, we weren't expecting to go to nana's till 5 minutes before we left... good job mummy keeps a bag ready with everything in it (including spare clothes and snacks)

I wasn't tickling her ribs honest...  that and "fairy" kissing cheeks and neck.....
(little kisses that tickle)

Weyhey! A finished project...
Tunisian stitch double sided, extra thick and cosy, made from scraps colourful and sooooo me scarf  just for ME.
it is rare that anything is made for me....

Last but not least.... TILLY playing E. T. 
save this one for last because it is just tooooo adorable to put anywhere else...
that's enough from me for now.... back to Effective Communication and Confidentiality in the work place......(insert the sound of wooden cogs starting up and splinters and sparks in my head)