Friday, 14 November 2014


just a little proof that I am up to some good...
a doll I have made for Tilly a little while ago... I will hopefully be making some other mish mash dolls to go with her. (been playing and practicing when I can
this was my first attempt.

apart from that... Here's a TILLY FIX..

Andy Pandy!
some of you may remember him... I'm a little too young...
See the resemblance???
yes.. Lovely Mumbles (j's mum) pointed it out to me.

Cheeky Little devil causing Havoc in the living room...
I hadn't long tidied everything up
"mini tornado"
Cheeky smiles

Cheeky Grins

All for the little things.
look at that cheeky face...
jus want to squeeeeze her all up!!!

Mummy's Hat!
worst thing is,  she suits mummys Hats.... and mummy can never find them when she wants one
Bulls eye (Disney's toy story 2)
she loves him... He is as big as she is!
and she carries him around.
Funny to watch.


Monday, 3 November 2014

some snaps to keep us going

I've not been crafting as much as I would like.
Tilly has a habit of joining in every time I get into a rhythm anything I have done ... ends up getting crumpled up and scribbled on too...
no point in trying once she is asleep as I am not far behind her at bedtime.

Right... Snaps...
We have some phone/ tablet pictures and camera ones there will be a couple that are older then the others
This was supposed to be a picture of JUST TILLY,
but I ended up in it also...

Tilly snoozing.... 
All she did was climb up and sit like a big girl... next minute all you could hear was snoring

THIS MORNING.. Tilly and I sorting out her toys for Father Christmas to take away for other babies so there can be room for big girl toys.

Yesterday's Cheeky Cookie Crumbly Grins

Another one of today whilst sorting out toys
She forgot what the tent looked like empty

E.T came to visit...
Pinching Daddy's hoody.. its fleecie lined so was soooo  cuddly inside.

This one was taken a couple of weeks ago, Tilly chose to wear a dress....
I wondered where my little Tom Boy Terror had gone.
the dress got covered in chip dipping sauce at lunch time  (all clean and put away again now)
but girly looks good some days

this one is a good couple of months old now.
cheeky smiles!

Look at all these pristine crayons! this was when we got them and they sit I a tin when they aren't being used.
 they aren't so new looking anymore. some broken, some no covers and getting well used.
comes with the territory of being in a house of artsy origin.
(insert my cheeky smile here)
A Stint behind bars!
We have gates to stop her from wondering into the office and kitchen now (being able to leave to door open so she can natter to us and we can hear/ see her)
"I want in!!! Want to play with draws and cupboards again... PLEEEAAASSSEEEE???"

Tilly's BIG girl Car seat! For when Pop pops rents cars for Day trips Out and about. (cheaper and easier than owning a car )
Pop's is a member of a car club.. he has a card that he has to swipe on the windscreen when he wants to use one of their cars. (of course he has to reserve the car a few days in advance).
Last week we went out on a day out to Worchester to see the Cathedral and to WEBBS on the way back  (Hobby craft store/ home and leasure ... and the beginnings of the Christmas decorations on show)
She was sooo well behaved!
Able to see a lot more than in her old seat
and was LORDING it up with chocky buttons here and there (when she hadn't fallen asleep)

Worchester Cathedral
most of the pictures we took were blurry due to the lighting.
Such a beautiful place. Tilly liked the stained glass.

Dinner!  at the Cathedral still....
"hiya! Hiya" to everyone that went by the table   waves, smiles and cheeky faces to anyone that smiled and waved back... an elder couple were waving and cooing for a good 10 minutes laughing at anyone who jumped out of their skins when she called "hiya" to them
her new favorite word is Haylo as in HELLO..
but more on that later.

"hello mummy... I'm not up to mischief, honest"
Face says it all.

Yes you are...
Look how tall she is getting, Granted she is on her tippie toes there, but she is getting sooo big!
(there has been a few days of grumpy tired  not happy or hungry Tilly...
My thoughts are GROWING PAINS.
A dose of calpol, and lots and lots of cuddles sorts that out.
she is a little Taller than last week... a Centre meter or 2

This morning Drawing a picture for POPOPs birthday

today trying out her Right hand..
So far she has a like for being Left handed
yes... talking a little now.
we have got a few words.
Hiya and Heylo (hello)
mumum (mum)
dadee (daddy)
nana (obvious)
and Aah (Ta or thankyou)

such a clever girl

Monday, 29 September 2014

sorry, not had Big slow running

Big slow has been in hiding for a few weeks.
so apologies that there has not been a Tilly/ Paddy fix
I have been  crocheting a little but have no pictures to show for that as of yet...
So Cheeky Tilly will have to show for now
Tilly having Daddy time over the weekend..
Tickles and raspberries   oh  and pillow fights that included all three of us at one point

A tilly drawing from a couple of weeks ago...
NO HELP at all with this one

A usual habit at the moment of pulling faces at the camera from a few days ago
A snoozing Tilly from Yesterday, waiting for fish and chips to cook... (loves white fish and peas  so no need to hide them YEY)
gorgeous damp pigtails

Remember that drawing? well this is what happens at nana's, colours get carried around I their tub, then they get decentered to the floor.
Tilly then decides to pick them all up and do it all again or leaves them all over the place leaving poor nana still finding them the day after we have left.

Tilly being very cheeky a couple of weeks ago
she has started telling people off and shouting HIYA to everyone.... or in a shy mood   waves to everyone then gives a cheeky grin

aftermath of a pillow fight. Full of smiles, just a shame her teeth want to push through so the dodey stays in the mouth unless there's food involved.

Nana's garden and mummy's juice bottle
It was a gorgeous warm day
and so we were inspecting Pop Pops gardening
(theres an area behind a fence that he has been working on to create raised patches of wild grasses and a seating area under the apple trees)
he has mentioned a possibility of a little wendy house next year for a certain little Tilly to Play in.
Well  My washamiene (washing machine) is  nearly done... 
 best finish folding up the dryers refreshed load

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Scribbles of a budding artist

These are Paddy's First Drawings... 
The Two at the back are From around June time, Pinching Pop pop's oil pastles
Now She has her own wax crayons to play with mummy  and scribble on PAPER
not the walls like mummy did as a littlie....
of course help from mummy and Nana Mumbles  goes a long way...
She likes picking them up and showing the colours!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Nana Lou

You may know Nana Lou, My mum, Manxgirl
Well Paddy got the chance to pull faces at the camera for her this morning   but alas, the little tTilly Monster decided to play "lets stare at the T.V.
It isn't often we get to wave on Skype to New Zealand!
anyways  I promiced mum some Pigtails and possibility of smiles......
This is the best I could do for now  Camera is back on charge
we will start with a couple of days ago.... typical "im happy sleeping here thanks mum"

Big smiles   but there is hair everywhere...

this morning whilst Paddy was having her 2nd breakfast well  a morning snack of Weetabix

attempting to pigtail hair when not in her high chair is a little more difficult than expected

Awww I missed the smiles...
she usually smiles

"get any closer   you get square eyes!

"oh  so you find that funny?"

"did you just Botty Parp???"  she did n all   stink bomb
cuddles please mummy

mummy was calling out phrazes to make her laugh   but she wouldn't look at the camera

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Thought I would show you some CHEEKY smiles from our visit to Nana Mumbles (daddy's mum)
Sitting in the seat molei and I fight over (I get demoted to the  sofa, next to mumbles if paddy hasn't already taken it)

look at that smile... how can you not melt?
she is wearing her new jumper. it has a bit of growth space, as you see.
 But its just like mummy,
Big jumpers are cosier

She has become a little poser and a little more girly
And suits her hair out of her face.
("wheres the shaggy dog gone???")

full of smiles today and Kisses all round

Who needs a photo studio with a lovely living room like this?

pinching nana's fabric orchids from her smelly pot (fragrant dried flowers and a few fabric ones too)

We popped upstairs to see what Daddy and Pop pops were upto
(on Pop pops laptop and sorting printer inks)
and cause mischief by swapping bins around in the bedrooms and office

Then after a tuna sandwich (she loved it),
we popped outside to see what the sunflowers were doing...
... Getting tall
we were going to send the picture into cbeebeies (toddler channel on t v) to show them how tall they were,
but mummy was too late, the "send in" section was closed and preparing for the next show and tell.
maybe next time, see what it is they ask for.
time for a cup of tea (juice for paddy) and a biscuit.
Oh we cant forget cuddles