Saturday, 28 November 2015

I don't have Big slow on as much as i would like

It is rare I start her up these days, usually to archive some pictures, change music on my phone or essay write... that's only 3 more times within the next 10 months too. My tablet helps with my studies when it isn't TMA work.
Lets show you what I've been up to..... as usual no order to these.
Poor gardeners have had visit regularly to clear up the leaves, but by the next morning there would be a huge blanket recovering the garden. got to feel for them, as 4 lawns and a drive area to clear and at least 12 very full trees that shed seeds and leaves. Finally there are signs of the leaf shedding coming to an end.

Dolly head comfort blanket!
Tilly pinched it, Like I was going to have a chance to let another little girl have such a cool make.

A clutch bag or tablet case looking item. I had been making a few items for charity to see what sold... a little market research for a future project.

Tilly found Bertie and a hand made cardie from her Nana Lou... Bertie ended up wearing shoes too and being walked around like a toddler learning to walk.

one of the experimental phone cases I made.

Tilly konked on a wonder. wearing her ear warmer, which she has stretched to the point it is too big for even Daddy to wear.

MUG COSY... easier to hold a mug of tea without burning fingers whilst warming hands.

OOooook. any terry prattchett fans? Tilly looked a little like the librarian for a moment

Beautiful smiles Tilly says "Cheeeese" so beautifully

And my hair is gone! The Pixie cut is Back!
Managed to grow it  just a little further than shoulder length...
Then got annoyed.
Right had best get the hoover back out. in a space of a half hour dear Tilly has decided to make more mess with her snack instead of eat it... then off to Nana Mumbles to cause havoc and find Tillys new outfit (maybe it is a Christmas jumper to wind hubby up!)

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