Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas songs (old, new and ruddy rude) are playing, "I FARTED ON SANTAS LAP...."

I farted on Santa's lap, now christmas is gonna stink for me
I farted on Santa's lap, now I'll get nothin' under my Christmas tree
Now it is an ongoing joke that POP POPs is santa... as Tilly points him out all over the place in excitement that her grandfather is everywhere at this time of year....... "is Pop pops!!!.. There..., presents!!!!"
And yes   there have been many sittings on Pops knee and letting Rip   so this years favorite song is the above by the Little stinkers.
Here comes some festive fun such as tree decorating and crafty business.. and just pain Tilliness for you
We shall start with Aunty Sam, who gave her a doctors kit and some bandaging from her work (a vet nurse) Poor H bear was in the infirmary for a good while being bandaged up repetitively and checked over regularly.. He was soon better and ended up back on Tillys bed where he usually lives wearing one of nana lou's cardigans
Here is Poor H bear getting his arms checked over after mummy bandaged them up.
This was also one of Aunty Sam's gifts to Tilly.. 80 sheets of christmasy colouring in fun.
Here is Tilly "helping " mummy decorate the tree... (mummy redid the lot because she likes everything just right)
Tilly loves the lights. "mummy tree lights on. pease"
Tilly dibbling and slurping her way through tomato soup
This morning was fun......
Christmas crafts as it is a day of just mummy and Tilly.
Daddy is at a Cadet Mess dinner all day, helping prepare and serve a turkey roast to local youth Naval cadets.
Here is what Tilly and Mummy made.... mummy cut out and coloured most of the trees, tilly had a good go at colouring too.. then tilly was let loose with cuts of paper and buttons...after mummy put a bit of glue on each piece.

Cotton Wool snowman was also made, now on our front door ( apartment block) with pride, already had some praise of neighbors of how clever and grown up Tilly is getting whilst we were taking the rubbish bag down to the big bin (mummy nearly always gets help from Tilly.

Ah... the beginnings of a dragon I am making
it was an impulsive make so far..


we have a little more body now and his legs attached and hope to have him finished soon.

Some of you know I am a little bit of a steam punk nut!
and so I decided that some of the baubles needed a makeover....
see  the top one has cogs, rivets and an almost patchwork painted on as sheet metal
the bottom one has airships painted on.

a crochet airship.. with a bit of practice I May be able to make a better one.

Another hand painted bauble
and a fascinator I made nearer to the beginning of 2015
There are other additions... such as another fascinator and also a crochet pocket watch  added in (the picture of the Tilly and Soup has a glimps of that)


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