Friday, 15 January 2016

would you believe....???

THIS was 2 years ago (give or take a week)!!! the last time mum and tilly met  last time we saw mum in the flesh....
(as she is in New Zealand now)
See  that is Tilly sitting on Nana Lou's lap looking adorable as she pinches cream from hot chocolate
now that little bundle has gotten very tall and has beautiful long hair.. with a red head's temper and a very mischievous personality.
what can we say? other than GORGEOUS!
speaking of MUM and TILLY
there was no shutting tilly up the other night on Skype
It is rare for us both to be online at the same time because of time difference and being busy.. but last time Tilly spoke to mum on Skype, she was very timid and unsure of what to do other than watch her TV.
This time.. (a good 2 or 3 months later)... there was  chatterings on about alsorts from treasure, pirates, jumpers, toys, nana's cat.. nanas tea cup and tilly's too.... it was lucky mummy even got a word in edgeways to either translate at quieter sections or words not as clear.
growing up far too quickly and learning fast...
just think... 5 months time  3 years old!
right Must go make lunch and have play time.

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