Monday, 29 July 2013

baking and playing!

in my spare time, when not playing with now 7 week old Faith, I've been practicing my baking

chocolate and banana marbled cupcakes on week 1.. last week I made fresh raspberry and vanilla cupcakes....  yesterday I made almond shortbreads  with icing

The Famous Biccies...
Here I am at 6 weeks and 4 days after Faith was born. I've lost a lot of my Baby tummy, But I asure you that underneath the top isn't looking as good, The growth spurt caused a lot of stretch marks and so my tummy and my hips look very wrinkly and I refuse to show!
"Don't think so" was a comment on Face book.
Well that's up to them. I know, J knows and my friends here in Birmingham know how I have managed this. and I'm proud of how far I gave got.
Faith at 6 weeks "Bunching" she used to do this in my tummy, you would see 2 sticky out bits where her knees were  at the top of my tummy, a lump where her bum would be and 2 sticky out bits on my sides where her elbows would be. It is how she stretches, but it reminds me of the song "la la la" by "naughty boy" that recently came out in the charts...
Giving mummy smiles at 6am... "breakfast time mummy"
 Snoozin' in her new play ring that "pops" gave her with her new best friend "Betty" that "Nana Mumble" gave her over the weekend. We were all dressed up to meet them for Sunday lunch... Pops got lots of smiles.

Today, snoozing whilst the thunder storm raged over head, she wasn't letting go of Betty. Makes me wonder how babies sleep through some of the noisiest things.

 this was a blind shot whilst doing leg exercises, to strengthen her legs, and relieve wind, that and she loves mummy and daddy playing with them to the beat of music almost like dancing, but once we stop... there's a riot on our hands....(laugh)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


I've moved into a lovely little flat. Our little Pad'a'one  is settling in better than expected (presently fast a kip on one of Nanny Lou's famous blankies). She even has 1/3 of the living area just for her and her toys..

So far the living room, kitchen, bathroom and even the airing cupboards (x2) are more or less unpacked. All of Little lady's clothes and blankets (there are a lot of blankets  and a lot of clothes ranging from birth to 1 year) apart from her pretty dresses are put away in their draws. All that's left is the Adults clothes. and a little scrubbing here and there which I've managed to start whilst it was nap time yesterday (fridge and cooker).

  I said CAMERA in my last post and here are the best of the thousands that have been taken so far..
plus it gives you a chance to see what changes there are in 5 weeks.

 Still at Nanny Mumble's house... stripped off because of the heat. By this point it was around 8pm and Pad'a'one is fed up of the heat after a long day out and about.
Looking cute after being changed, cuddling a clean muslin (that didn't last long... mucky eater).

"puddem up"... kicking and waving around not long after bathtime

SMILES.... We get some lovely smiles and have started getting gurgles with them too now.
 I only stopped playing for a moment for a loo break. And I come back to this......


ANIMAL!! was MY birthday present off of my dad. I think he has found a new friend.

"And you expect me to do what with this???" Unsure of what to do with this toy.

Fast a kip this afternoon after Nanny Mumble fed her whilst mummy made tonight and tomorrow morning's feeds, the bib was soon taken off and after an hour tried to wake her up and have "tummy time", but she fell back to sleep.

Cute Little toes.. just want to eat them all up.

our bedroom....(There's also a wardrobe and chest of draws out of camera view)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

whats happening.......

Well... It was my 25th Birthday yesterday, to celebrate, J, Faith and I spent a couple of days down in The Glouster/ Bristol area.
I stayed in Thornbury Castle. All I can add to that is "WOW"... and that I stayed in the room across the hall to where Henry VIII slept when he stayed there.

I got a prezzie and a few cards when I got back (still awaiting on a parcel from my dad in the post).

It was a little compact camera... So I can go snappy mad out and about and take lots of pictures of little Faith for the family and our photo albums we were given by friends when Faith was born.

I also got some Birthday pennies... And now own a pair of new shoes... with just under half of it left.

Also makes blogging easier...

Right, time for faiths Bath to cool her down... the weather is too hot for All of us