Wednesday, 17 July 2013


I've moved into a lovely little flat. Our little Pad'a'one  is settling in better than expected (presently fast a kip on one of Nanny Lou's famous blankies). She even has 1/3 of the living area just for her and her toys..

So far the living room, kitchen, bathroom and even the airing cupboards (x2) are more or less unpacked. All of Little lady's clothes and blankets (there are a lot of blankets  and a lot of clothes ranging from birth to 1 year) apart from her pretty dresses are put away in their draws. All that's left is the Adults clothes. and a little scrubbing here and there which I've managed to start whilst it was nap time yesterday (fridge and cooker).

  I said CAMERA in my last post and here are the best of the thousands that have been taken so far..
plus it gives you a chance to see what changes there are in 5 weeks.

 Still at Nanny Mumble's house... stripped off because of the heat. By this point it was around 8pm and Pad'a'one is fed up of the heat after a long day out and about.
Looking cute after being changed, cuddling a clean muslin (that didn't last long... mucky eater).

"puddem up"... kicking and waving around not long after bathtime

SMILES.... We get some lovely smiles and have started getting gurgles with them too now.
 I only stopped playing for a moment for a loo break. And I come back to this......


ANIMAL!! was MY birthday present off of my dad. I think he has found a new friend.

"And you expect me to do what with this???" Unsure of what to do with this toy.

Fast a kip this afternoon after Nanny Mumble fed her whilst mummy made tonight and tomorrow morning's feeds, the bib was soon taken off and after an hour tried to wake her up and have "tummy time", but she fell back to sleep.

Cute Little toes.. just want to eat them all up.

our bedroom....(There's also a wardrobe and chest of draws out of camera view)

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