Monday, 28 April 2014

Pictures I didnt know We had

Paddy went to bed for a snooze.....
And so, Mooching . rough pictures sorting through folders (to put onto external hard drive as I am running out of room on laptop), I Find some pictures in Molei's profile, some I didn't know about.
I'm sure he won't mind me showing you..... they will be going on the hard drive too.
This is the first time I hold Paddy.
It's hard to believe she was that small and I was that big... (I've lost a lot of weight since Paddy was born)

Daddy's close up.
Daddy helped a lot in both the induction ward and Post natal wards.
As I was hooked up To the observation moministers a lot (in the induction ward) and made sure I was rested and well fed in both... (I hate having to sit still, I like to keep my mind occupied... And its hard to sleep in a hospital)

Boxing day morning!
Ugh...... Enough said!
A recent picture. 
Paddy fell asleep eating last week.
Poor thing xxxx.

we put the couch as a bed at night for when paddy has a bad night.
this way we don't disturb poor molei
 so this is paddy after a rough night, 

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