Monday, 28 April 2014

A call from nana Lou

Yesterday Morning, There was a surprise!
Mum called on Skype from New Zealand to say hello to Paddy.
Lots of smiles, Giggles and ticklish toes on view as I followed Paddy around the living room with my tablet.
Paddy and I had another special treat too....
Molei made it! 
It didn't last.... both plates nice and clean
"Sorry Nana" is the usual comment as I lick the plate clean and winked at faith as I say
"Where is it then?  I didn't get any!"
And in the afternoon,
We popped down to Nana Mumbles to play Poor Popops up...
No one can make him laugh Like Paddy.

And a long awaited picture of "The girls"
I'm Off to play!
Paddy is Attacking the laptop again!

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