Friday, 27 December 2013


at last... It has been a busy week.
start with Sunday night.
After opening plenty of fantastic presents Paddy decided to play buck-a-roo with teddies by piling them on top of herself.......

"want a sweet?????   suck my feet!!!!!!"
"Want a banana? jump in the harbor".

Paddy giving of a cheeky giggle

Monday afternoon after 4 hours worth of trains a pub lunch and a fight with Popops and a big bag that she isn't aloud. Paddy

Christmas eve Morning, Paddy playing with a few toys she brought with her to play with.

Paddy Playing with her 1 present she chose to open a day early with help of daddy.
She is smarting a nana lou outfit. We love dungarees....

If you look carefully, you will see Southport pier just above the boat house on the other side of the lake........ it is 1 and 1/2 miles long. I didn't get to get another picture of it. as we didn't get much of a better look. but it is the view from the flat we were staying in

Christmas eve night's night ware....  the slippers didn't last long.... as you can see, they were already being attacked

Christmas Morning.
Mostly Paddy's ! about 8 of these that are on show were other peoples.... there were a few parcels out of view too

all these toys and she plays with a book....  Typical Paddy.... she soon figured out that some of her new toys could make noises....  then there was no peace......

bring bring bri....  ing 

There were not too many more than 40 swans sheltering behind the little brakewater during  stormy weather 

This beauty was sheltering happily behind one of the boat houses. she must be up and running in the summer months.

YUMMY roast pork dinner...., Paddy's eyes are soooo bright even if her dinner is all over her face.  She had an oaty crumble thing for pudding too...

Dinner must be gone... Paddy is aloud a toy at the table ( or her blue chair at home) when she has eaten like a good girl.
She also got LOTS of fuss off of all the staff and other Families that were joining us at Christmas Dinner

There was a beautiful tree to nose at when she wasn't paying attention to mummy and the books

a few toys being played with. those eggs...... yeah.... she has figured out that if you grab 2 shells and tap them against each other or other things  they make noise...... it only took 20 minutes....  

Boxing day morning....  what a grump. Paddy did not want to get up. But we were going exploring in the car. then go for lunch.

this is what paddy did whilst we drove around and had lunch. infact  between meals and milk snacks...  this is much of her day.. not in the mood to play.

ah. this afternoon. very tired  and ready for the last of 3 trains home...Paddy was soon asleep.
we had been on the move since 9 am all 3 trains were on sunday services, all delayed due to weather   and all the trains were packed...  just managed to get us on.
we got home at about  3pm  alittle wet... cold  and sore footed....  Molei is in bed.... Paddy is in bed.....   just me awake..... just till I finnish my post. and will follow....
OO   did I mention?? Mum and hubby will be over from Friday 10th till sunday 12th Jan.
It will be the first time They see more than just pictures of Paddy since she was just a couple of weeks old.
Crochet wise... I managed another row...  this evening whilst Paddy got reacquainted with her territory. she has been out of sorts being in a strange place these last few days. but as soon as she found a few old favorite toys... there was no stopping her until it was time for tea and then again till bed, which is where I am going......  NIGHT 

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