Monday, 30 December 2013

a little more done

its getting there slowly.... looks really long when spread on the floor.... there's 2 more shades of blue and then we will have the colour scheme set.
Managed it with a snoring Paddy on my shoulder, she didn't want to be anywhere else.

on Saturday, 2 new toy boxes arrived. Paddy has LOTS of toys, some Disney collectables too. We needed somewhere to keep all her things.... Paddy found being in a box was more fun than putting toys in them. 

Paddy has started to eat 7 month plus food
she gets better meals than me!
Chicken and veg mash.... roast lamb dinner, roast pork... beef stew..... veg lesagne and others too
oh and her new favorite pudding/ cereal.... Blueberry and pear.... which her face gets a lovely mess of purple 

Eggs.... "tap tap tap... " note to self... keep Paddy away from the tiles and window when she has hold of egg shells"
Mummy opens the tub for her, and she just tips the tub up bringing the shells and chicks crashing in a pile on the floor...

And then she decides mummy's new slippers are more interesting.....

This morning, we found Paddy waving out the window, no one there, just practicing for Nana mumbles next time she pops over for a cuppa'

Oh  and a new trick...
I didn't have the camera last night  (charging), but Paddy decided to pull herself Right up onto her feet against the sofa.
and today, couldn't muster the strength without Mummy.
so on video, we have mummy holding Paddy's hannies and Paddy hauling herself up with big smiles....  lots of cuddles and tickles in praise.

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