Sunday, 15 December 2013

HAHAHA... still going

Finally, I have finished the main panel for my blanket, it has taken a while being between Paddy time and sleep.
And have started on a border, may come in handy to snuggle under in the Pram

Peepoh. Being cute all in pink. Did I mention Paddy is on 3 squares a day solids?
Yup, and loves it.. and manages about 5, 6oz bottles of Stage 2 (follow on milk) too. That will help wean her off of milk.
Still unsure of Juice (4 month plus)

Here she is sure that she didn't have any lunch, even if the evidence says otherwise.
She is a sucker for fruit cocktail pots and banana porridge.
Oh and this is a Fruitcake I made yesterday lunch whilst Paddy was looking for more food. It only costs 15 points in carbs per slice....  that's good for Molei.
There is only 1/4 of the big one left.
We had invited Mumble and Pops to HOME cooked Sunday roast for the first time in our flat and some cake for pudding
Oh and I must mention, The reason there are no Christmas Deccies up here.
We are going to Southport and spending The festive week up there.
Munbles and Pops decided to go, they didn't want to be home this year.

So, Paddy will be getting an early Christmas day on the Sunday to open her presents from MANX LAND (my family) and Nana Lou AND Christmas day in Southport (we have a suitcase packed with presents and so does Mumbles) along with a fantastic 3 course meal just down the road from where we are staying... (of course I will make sure Paddy gets a roast dinner.. A baby food one and some pudding too, she is a sweet tooth)

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