Friday, 14 November 2014


just a little proof that I am up to some good...
a doll I have made for Tilly a little while ago... I will hopefully be making some other mish mash dolls to go with her. (been playing and practicing when I can
this was my first attempt.

apart from that... Here's a TILLY FIX..

Andy Pandy!
some of you may remember him... I'm a little too young...
See the resemblance???
yes.. Lovely Mumbles (j's mum) pointed it out to me.

Cheeky Little devil causing Havoc in the living room...
I hadn't long tidied everything up
"mini tornado"
Cheeky smiles

Cheeky Grins

All for the little things.
look at that cheeky face...
jus want to squeeeeze her all up!!!

Mummy's Hat!
worst thing is,  she suits mummys Hats.... and mummy can never find them when she wants one
Bulls eye (Disney's toy story 2)
she loves him... He is as big as she is!
and she carries him around.
Funny to watch.


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