Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy new Year...

2013 was a strange, difficult, sad and tiring year.....A lot had happened... Some We want to forget, Some we will cherish.
the bad...
Being pregnant and losing hours at work then, stopping all together,
The loss of 2 lives,
Arguments and misunderstandings
And rather sudden moves and decisions.
and the good..
Getting married to Molei.
the birth of the most gorgeous little bundle of cuddles and smiles,
a fantastic home and lots of excersises.
Thinking about all of this has made me take a big breath and be ready for a new year, a new chapter and to continue the adventure of Being a mummy
Anyways   We're here for PHOTIES!!!!!
Paddy's new den and smiles for a new beginning

Oh and so far on the blue and green project.
Whilst Paddy was having an Afternoon Nap.... A parcel I purchased on Sunday Arrived.
We just had to put it up, It is bigger than I thought it was.. but that's just plenty more room for play.
So after we put it up, I furbished it with cushions blankies and cuddly things
Paddy LOVES IT!... when she woke up to entice her in, I sat in it. It worked and she clambered all over me as if to thank me in excitement. 
Here she is, Paddy out for the count on Big Ben's 12th chime (t.v.)
Our heating is terrible, so have an electric heater that gets turned on as and when we need it.
Gave Paddy an excuse to sleep in her warm tent.
We all camped out in the living room for the night so that we were together and warm.
She woke not long after OLD LANGSINE. in time for her usual snack and joined us for a few minutes in cuddles....
....And Our First Family Photo... Just a shame she looked away at the wrong time.

But I got a lovely smile after breakfast on her way back into her den to play..
SO   Happy new year Everyone,
 may there be many more cheeky smiles, cuddles and mini adventures to come this year.


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