Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pretty dresses make all the difference

Today, Like most Sundays we went out for SUNDAY DINNER with Mumble and Popops.
We usually go into town or out to Reddich if we go out, or have a Roast here at home (salad in the summer), But this week, we went to theToby Carvery down the road (we took mum down there Last week).
 And this is her outfit for the day and having a play before we went.

I know for a fact Nana Lou would love this picture....
Paddy being cheeky with whispering
"bah bah bah. Da da da " .....
And then smiling deciding to do the same LOUDER 

She is doing very well with her standing, and she is determined to step sideways here and there to grab things or MUMMY and chew on trouser legs, hands, mummy's phone.......  anything she can reach.

Daddy gave her his old phone to play with, to stop her from playing with mummy's........... she decided it was tasty.

So mummy tried to teach her how to use the (batteryless) phone and pretend to call both Nanas, pressing buttons and chattering away....

and Paddy is trying to take it to pieces. I think she is going to be one of those people that takes things to pieces to see how it works........
Speaking of Paddy, she has climbed up for a cuddle.... her teeth must be hurting again.

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