Friday, 17 January 2014

what is Quiet?

"GREEN..........1 2 3 count with me.... MOOO MOOO MOOO...... Triangle......GREEN..." calls out the singing cow As Paddy presses the same green triangular button with the numbers 1 2 and 3 painted on it repetitively.
"Erm... paddy, New button Please?"
"... 1 2 3... Count with me.... MOOO MOOO MOOO..."
She would soon get rather annoyed with it because it wouldn't do what she wants it to and grabs her Remote control instead.

"Volume UP *bring bring bring*" as it gets louder
"Todays shape is a CIRCLE" as it plays a little tune.
At least it has a few more sayings than the cow.
Don't under estimate her though. Paddy is an intelligent little Monkey that is always up to mischief.
Here are Pictures to prove such Mischief.
Here is Paddy after searching the flat for Daddy. She thought she would attempt to grab the Telly remote, Daddy's work book and anything else she would think be in reach.....  Ah, But mummy had beaten her to it... Non of the items above were in reach.
She took it out on the sofa instead and sat back down in a grump.
We have been woken up at daft times recently. Upstairs have a response call at 4... 5  or 6 am some mornings, I can often hear the whole conversation from Both ends of the call and usually in reply to being woken, Paddy screams the Block awake.. of course some milk and cuddles settles her down, but it beans she is a grump all next day and ends up doing this to poor mummy who wants to do house work! Paddy does not take it lightly that mummy tries to put her back in her cot and carry on.

Poor popops came to visit with nana Mumble...... sitting on his lap, Paddy decides to play with his glasses (luckily £1 reading glasses...). Daddy puts them on her face, nana and myself Snap up a picture. She looks cute
Paddy likes shopping Bags. Doesn't matter what it is for she will play with it.
Well it is an everyday Item, and so it is good that she Likes bags because Nana has lots of them and mummy likes to make them. next project may be a Paddy Bag to carry her own toys in when out and about.

Hmm... Chocolate biscotti.... How do you know she enjoyed it???
It is all over her face and non left on the tray.
as Nana Lou said... "SHAMPOO CURLS"
Lets just say, Paddy managed to get BANANA (which is a new favorite)  AND biscotti in her hair.
"ewwwwwwwieeee!!! Paddy your not aloud banana any more"
She is, Its good for her.... and she eats a whole one apart from what gets in those curls.
Right...  get Paddy's Lunch ready before she wakes up.....  it was another 4 am start from next door... grrrrr



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