Monday, 13 January 2014

More pictures and more to come from MUM

Ah, a few pictures to show you... even a couple of me....  it is rare I get in on the heist of having pictures taken of me. so enjoy whilst it lasts....  I am sure There will be more I am sure once Manxgirl has gone through hers.
First, These are Pictures Neenie's Hubby, Paul took. on Saturday
A shame that Biscotti was all over her outfit.....  that's what happens when you share snacks with Uncle Joe without a bib  huh!
Don't worry, she was changed before we went out for our meal

Cuddles with mummy, Teethy pegs must have been giving her gyp. chewing on fingers again.
Cuddles always help  and kisses.

Ah yes, the bags. Faith Likes chewing on them.....


Told you...........   she was happy enough and only left a few slobbery wet patches here and there...
see. new outfit. that got covered in her tea....!!!!
At the end of the day, my living room hadn't had so many people in it ever and looked like a bomb had hit it.
That didn't last long.
 For Sunday's antics. These are the pictures Molei or Myself took.
This one was taken by Molei.  Paddy had just had her teething powder so was happily nashing on her dodey. She looks Very pretty thank you to Nana Lou (manxgirl)'s dress choice.
We met up on the train and popped into town for a spot of shopping. OF COURSE Paddy has a ew outfit to grow into and a couple of new pairs of Jimmy Jams... she also got a Pink Princess cup that is glittery  and will keep her entertained until big enough to drink from.
Then soon enough time to go to the Airport....
Everyone Gathered around a BIG round table  (6 of us all together) and had a Burger king.
Then played Pass the Paddy. lets say the table was very shiny when we left it... Paddy's bum polished it whilst sitting and playing.
"Sorry uncle Joe, It's My hat Now."
I think it goes well with todays outfit, and Surprised that Uncle Joe got his hat back at all.
This is now My favorite picture of Paddy. She looks GORGEOUS sat there in her hat.
Mummy wears her hat like that too.

"Can I have some money please?"
After Mum, her hubby and Joe checked luggage in, we Pottered about the airport slowly back to the monorail and departure entrance.
Paddy had fallen asleep by this point.
"oops!. Is he dead?"
We made the picture look like I had knocked him over with the pram.
Soon It was time to go. Big hugs all round and cuddles for Paddy later when she woke up.
Off we go back onto the Monorail and 2 trains back home. it was very busy on the local train and was raining by the time we got back to Our station.
But there's no worries when you can get changed into warm Jimmy jams and have a big hot chocolate
(or warm milk in Paddy's case).
What a busy weekend.
Not had a weekend like that since we went to visit Manx Land (Isle of man) when Paddy was 2 weeks old.


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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. One very spoilt little lady. It must seem rather quiet now they have all departed.