Saturday, 25 January 2014

Too many photos..... cant choose...... oh dear

I have Been hooking, Honest...  just not much between housework and Faith.
It is exhausting.
Anyways     I was talking about photos.......

I put Faith in her bed for a nap, This is how I found her when I went to check on her.
I made sure she was warm with a nice thick blanket and put her on her side as not to get a sore back.
She hasn't been sleeping to well, Night terrors. All I can do is cuddle her and reassure her.
It is, I am sure just part of growing up, learning to walk crawl etc..  and having dreams about it.
Poor little Lamb and I have recently given in in the early hours and go into the living room so we don't disturb Molei.
As you know Paddy has a fascination with the window, She has started to realize that she can Wave Goodbye to Daddy and Nana Mumble as they leave.
She has also discovered that she can see the baby in it when it is dark. She hasn't figured its her yet, because she still kisses it and chatters to her reflection.
Oh yes, Her confidence in standing is getting pretty good... she even tries letting go. A few bumps back on her bum and a few scares  but tries again non the less...
Here she is attempting to pace around Nana Mumbles coffee table she got as far as this side and struggled to figure out how to turn and carry on.
And here she is grabbing onto the sofa again after deciding she isn't ready to let go for more than 3 seconds.
A broken biscotti, put on her tray, this is what I came back to... "which one do I eat??"

She also has now discovered and has a pun chant for BANANNANANANA (yes that many).. ricecakes.....  there are apple ones too  not opened them yet

So a Happy Paddy
A Cheeky little Monkey,
Curly Topped Little My (Moomins) with a temper to match at times....
A Smile for almost Anyone!!!!!!!!





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  1. My beautiful little grand baby. Love her......