Thursday, 30 January 2014

big girl shoes

I know she is standing occasionally now, so we are starting to put her shoes on to get her used to wearing them.
We've had these ones in the wardrobe waiting for when her feet are big enough.
Look at her Waving at the snow.
we hadn't long got home from the local shops, as we got to the window it got heavy...
it didn't stick, otherwise we would have got her out there to stand in it (holding onto mummy).
This was Play time yesterday.... the tickle monster attacked.
un photographed things......
She can say MAMA and NANA now...  dada is boring....  and BAH BAH  is still a favorite
she is currently sprawled out on a blanket playing with BARRY the bunny  (mum tried to call him stew), she is getting annoyed because he has a slobbery ear.... well that's what she gets for chewing on it!

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