Monday, 26 May 2014

A bit further

Here we are... one full panel done..... still a little way to go.
other news.... Here's a Cheeky Monkey!
"Fee Fi Foe Fumb, I smell the fillings of a Paddy's bum" 

"Ok mum, be right there, just finish this text!"

look at that! one in a million!
mummy cuddles ( about to tickle her )

She likes sitting in the window.....

Tickle monster attacks (daddy)

this has to be a new favorite photo!

this is another new favorite... toothy grin

gorgeous girl

Attacking mummy's feet
"agh It Tickles"

A new Hat....  her toy box at nana's

Nana's doylies being used as hats too!

"Hello daddy, are you there??"

"where's he gone?"

I see you!
Paddy / daddy time is funny to watch! I love it
Different every time

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