Friday, 30 May 2014

Something different

Instead of Pulling the bag I have been working on apart.
I have put it to a side and decided to start a blanket.... bigger than the purple and pink one!
Just to keep my options open .
Please excuse my little size 3 feet in the shot, I forgot to crop them out!
It was decided to finish one end off before carrying on with the rest, though I may keep it zigzag, which look rather nice also.
The colours here are a mossy green, dark brown, tan and a couple of different shades of creamy colours.
Warm and cozy looking I hope..
The weather here hasn't been too good, so no playtime in Nana Mumbles Garden
But doesn't stop me from taking pictures of Paddy!
On June 9th (9 sleeps)
Our baby girl will be A WHOLE YEAR OLD!
how these 12 months have flown... and is growing into an awesome and intelligent little character
this is when she was a day old....
....a few months old....
("I'm not listening!")
To this curly topped, mad hatter of a cheeky monkey....
And just as cuddly

ready to pop into town and meet Nana for a spot of lunch
Hair in a ponytail included. looks like a bun.

cuddling up to mummy and her new coat when it was nearly time to go out
Paddy's strawberry hat!

snuggling up to mummy for books
"the hooded Faith"
and how much fun it is to sit and play with a biro pen when not crocheting
mum Finally gets her belongings from the UK.
so  Sewing Machines, fabrics, Wool, needles and threads... And the rest of Oliver House that she was able to salvage and keep (nana M's house)
So there will be a lot more happening in the world of Manxgirl


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