Sunday, 9 March 2014

SUN and cheeky grins

It has been a good week...  What to say?
There has been a  gorgeous Cheeky Paddy Bombing about her pay area...
She is even standing alone for approximately a minute now and thinking of taking steps....  she will be 9 months old on March 20th.
Here's a few pictures that will brighten any ones day
the red number. And a bobble in the hair.

Notices mummy has a camera.......

once she has realized mummy has camera.....

This is the first book that has bit the dust....  was half expecting it 2 months ago

She knew mummy had the camera, so didn't stand anymore, instead decided to come and attack mummy and camera.

Hearing one of many toys in one of her boxes singing away.

continues to head towards mummy...

"I'm here!!" oh save me....

oooo nosies n kisses  Thank you Paddy

Today, waiting for the train....
Sun was out  a few bees too...
even this queen bee sitting happily basking in the sun...
it was warm enough to leave our jackets under the pram

Paddy (teething)... with pluto lording it up. We didn't need the cover, or blanket in the end... and the jacket came off by lunch too  TOO WARM

After our lunch we headed to Nana mumbles house Via the Village park.
All these crocus met us by the path and sweet blossom on a couple of trees. a true sign of spring. 

One of the crocus up close.

even UNCLE BEN's tree in nana's garden is budding nicely.
Faith loved the fluffy texture of it.

by the time we got home it was time for tea.
This is what Creamy Cabonara and raspberry oat bar does to paddy
YUMMY and cheeky smiles

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