Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows......

Yes I've had the song stuck in my head....  chuntering the lyrics as I wonder down to the shops and back in the morning.....
 it was a Beautiful day yesterday and Paddy enjoyed the fresh air.
 Paddy and I decided to play with her books yesterday morning.
 PICTURE pointing is fun.
She has Learnt to point out certain pictures and If I have 2 or 3 book's pages placed out for her and ask her to find a butterfly, duck, birdie (small bird), pussycat, doggy, dolly, baby, monkey or bear (usually a teddy or polar bear). usually along with a sound any animal makes. she will pick the book out of the collection spread out and 4/5 times point the right image.
In praise as always there is a cuddle and kiss and lots of  "clever girl" , "well done" , "shall we try another one?" and continue to mix the books up so they are different every time..
we have prompt cards to start using instead of the books now too....  and we are trying to point to mummy daddy and paddy to say who we are..  we have also now taught her nosies and Goodbye/ goodnight kisses for loved ones.

 As I mentioned, It was a beautiful day yesterday. For most of the afternoon the sun was shining into the living room and the windows were open.
This picture was about 3 pm

After all that hard work pointing out images in books, Paddy flaked out on mummy after some juice.
Nana mumble visited and Molei finished his work early
Paddy had some Chocolate egg whip. (walnut whip but no walnut)
Of course mummy isn't aloud a cake or chocolate to herself. Paddy gives her the big eyes and smile as If to ask   PLEAAASEEEEE!!!!

Watching nana head for her Taxi waving and getting sad when she cant see her anymore.
She does that when daddy goes for a meeting too... Of course she is usually with me so when I wonder off out of the room or go down the path... the world is ending.
This morning...though we ended up in the living room by 5 am, paddy flaked out by 6am... by 7 molei pops in with a cuppa to find paddy taking up allll the room on the sofa (layed out on the floor to make makeshift bed) with me propped up on the edge watching telly trying to stay on... the cushions.
she soon woke up (7:15) and demolished her breakfast, 1/3 of mine and 7fl/oz of juice
Now panned out again in her bed....

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