Saturday, 29 March 2014

oh ek!

I've tried to do some crochet, Lots of researching..... but every time I start something......  it gets unraveled .... Not as inspired as I thought...
Same with the drawing side of things.
I feel I have lost my mojo
Not lost my MUMMY spark though.....
All my time is usually cleaning  or playing.....  and recently paddy discovered the park.........
here goes the Paddy montage.
Wednesday 26th march, was our first wedding anniversary.
We spent the day with nana mumbles and popops.
Here's paddy cuddling Nana's fluffy pillows wearing a dress.....It is hard to find dresses that suit her, that and she seems to prefer leggings and jeans.
Oh No!!!! she has found out how to take the pictures....
Have the tablet on camera facing you mode and she is off........

Now every time I take a picture, she has to see herself as I am taking them....
And because she is concentrating on the screan, Snap!  some beautiful shots appear.

With them big eyes, 7 teethie pegs and button nose

ON THE ROUNDABOUT....   on mummy's lap...  round  and round... and    ooh   mummy is dizzy.

Daddy pushing her on the swing! she loves it..  usually because mummy tickles her tummy and pulls faces as she gets closer

OOOOO   more closeups.....  Gorgeous smiles
This morning.... Breakfast was late.. because Paddy decided to go back to bed at 8 am  (after keeping mummy up since 1 am)

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