Thursday, 29 September 2011

whats been happening this week.....

I've been making my Halloween costume..... Yes i know, a month early, but whats the point in rushing around last minute. I won't know what my shift patterns will be for my new job for another couple of days.  that and I've been planning the costume for over a year...  I'm not kidding... its the best festival of the year in a personal opinion closely followed by Christmas.

(yes the model is me.."tah dah!!!".. And J took the photographs)

I was thinking of a clockwork doll and so in the middle of making the key for my back.

the inspiration came from a song..... (not for small ears) but the costume is More inspired by the Victorian fashion and Burlesque clothing.

so  yes  we have a corset (a little loose due to me being a skinny creature)
underneath is a dress fashioned into a skirt with over lip so it covers my tummy (so the corset doesn't rub),
Stockings  fantastically cool black and purple spiral affect. A beautiful headpiece i found in Claire's
 handy Charity shops old men's shirts and a net veil that was found to fashion a bustle..
unfortunate that the bustle had been sat on but it will, I'm sure will be fit and "poofy" enough for the HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!!!!!  I

I hope i will have full Photographs of the final piece, including the KEY and a makeup idea to keep a little ex performer happy.

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