Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Time to get to work, and doodle Introduction

I recently started a new job as you may already know.... 

Now I have a couple of days off a week to do my own thing, meaning abit more time to do my "scribbles" and let my artistic side free again.

As we know, The blog is  the digitalised version of my Journal (which are mosatly handmade from almost anything found in my art draws and pieces of art that usualy turns into somthing completly different to expected).... there will also be a few other odds and sodds in there too... like the fashion pieces and deccies, gifts and cards I make along the way.

I hope to keep as up to date as possible....   keep it as close to a journal as possible....  but first there's alot of catching up to do...  with help from J, Mum and my camera...  the motivation should keep going. and the insperation along with it.

I hope to gain readers and gather insperation from them too.. so feel free to join in  and give as much feedback as you can...  it helps....


J telling me i need to spend time on "the book"
Camera is working 

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