Tuesday, 29 November 2011

 I'll start with an orriginal from a night I lived at home. All that can be said is, now the piece is no longer in my posession.... It's going to America soon with its owner. It was whisked away from me by a friend who presently lives in Somerset.

Amongst the paintbrush collection that was 2x the size before I moved out of my Ex's flat... there is a paintbrush 10 short hairs thick (tiny). This helped alot because I Don't like working big.. Or rarely work on a large scale, I hope in the feuture there will be pieces that manage to stay bigger than A5 (chuckles to self)

Now. This piece, is A2, No i wasn't feeling right in the head. I was drunk. With the help Of mum and a couple of bottles of choice Red wine. I do not remember much of painting the piece or taking pictures. Though mum filled me in on details of my nose being within milimeters of touching paper and singing along to  the strange and wonderfull sounds of my playlist (will fill you in in more detail soon).

Oh.. Nearly forgot....The piece is Most likely Inspired by Synaesthesia...
(yes..... I see colours to sound but again will fill in details soon)

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