Tuesday, 29 November 2011


 This piece is from a project at college based on Synaesthesia. from which I made small pieces in boxes and Large Lanterns which got hung in a Willow tree for Photographing.
 As you can tell  this is one of the boxes. Started as pieces that I had  Marbled (lots of fun and very messy... thats the best bit). then grabbed my favorite media... WATERCOLOURS.. and worked into each page individualy addidng small details.
 I then cut out the "best bits" and stitched into each section..And with some help I made some wooden boxes and added each layer using foam pads  to get a 3D look. The photography was also fun. I don't have a studio so as makeshift, At the time I used some white A2 paper against the wall and floor and had a desk lamp as my focus light.... The pictures, I feel looked fantastic.

The Face, Was a piece that was worked on during a drunken New year. Since the party I was due to go to got cancled, thought it best to stay out of trouble at home. Parents out and I tended not to go out much myself anyways.
 It started out as a scrap piece of paper with colour tests and marks from cleaning paint brushes. Little did I know that working into it that it would start looking like a face and what would best interpretate my synaesthesia... And thats where the artistic side of the Synaesthesia started (I noticed the synaesthesia watching Windows media player and complaining to MUM that the colours were the wrong colours but didnt know it as synaesthesia).

The wizard will never get finnished, I'm not even sure how I even managed to paint it. and not sure where to go with it next. My guess is I'm in fear of wrecking it and then ending up scrapping it.. I may, in the future work into it, but for now it will stay where it is.

Any Ideas?

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