Monday, 5 December 2011

more from the book

    This is scraps of paper (and I mean scraps, in all shapes, sizes and colours) used for the cleaning of paint brushes, drips and colour tests (The collection of these scraps are always growing and added to). It was sort of porposly arranged and stitched into.... oh   and a button. Orriginaly, it was going to be added to, but got side tracked. When I came back to it, decided it was best not to go further incase i wrecked it.

    You know thoughs doodle books that look like colidoscopes? well this is what happens when you leave ME in charge of one....  I get annoyed with it, decide to rip the one i am presently trying to make look pretty up, stick it to something else I didn't like  and somehow it works out fine...... well, at least I tell my self that....

    The Asian Lung was again a piece that got cut up due to personaly thought mistakes. It soon got added to the back of an old envelope and worked into  alittle further, then placed it with satisfied Pride in the book.


1 wondering off  often stops you from going too far
2 nothing wrong with scraps of paper that inspire you
3 some pictorial doodles sometimes look fantastic even after a hissy fit..

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